April 2019… the Greatest Month Ever?

Geeklings, over the last three and a half years we have experienced a lot together. I Am Geek started with The Force Awakens and has since turned into something even bigger than I could have possibly imagined. If it was relevant in pop culture I tried to cover it here, and I like to believe that I’ve done a pretty solid job thus far. Granted, I’m only one person but I try to keep my finger on the pulse and address the mega moments. Otherwise, what’s the point of creating a pop culture-centric website? Seriously, when I look back on this site and see how much we’ve discussed together, I’m kind of in awe. I’ve said it before but this has been the most rewarding writing experience of my life. And while it would be easy to rehash old beats, I think it’s important to say how much I love this site and how much I love you guys.

Today we’re celebrating our 700th post. Can you freakin’ believe that? Seven. Hundred. I’m just… I’m floored. When it comes to writing the 700th post you want to make sure the topic is worthy of the milestone. You’d hate to waste a post this big on something boring. No one wants their 700th column to be about Cowboys vs Aliens and why no… just no with that movie. Fun fact, I fell asleep watching that with my sister about six years ago and I have yet to feel even the slightest urge to return to it. I’m not entirely sure why I’m bashing the film so hard, it just seemed random enough to name drop. But no, I don’t need to finish watching it. Maybe there is something deeply rooted here. Interesting move subconscious… Anyway, a 700th post needs to be spectacular or at least important. And since we’re doing some reflecting, I have to wonder…

Have we experienced a better pop culture month than April 2019?

Seriously, think about it. In the history of I Am Geek, hell, in the history of pop culture, can you think of a bigger month than the one we’re currently living in? I know that that majority of the time we, of course, think whatever is happening now is actually the biggest thing in the world. It’s that Spaceballs mentality, “what’s happening now is happen now” an analogy that might have worked better in my head. Before we even address the gigantic elephants in the room, let’s just look at some of the smaller items first. April will see the return of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Hellboy, Shazam!, Pet Sematary, and Wrestlemania. Right off the bat, those are some pretty awesome pop culture nuggets. We’re getting a new show to binge, the continued era of Stephen King movies that don’t suck, wrestling, and two new comic book movies both with cult followings. Any other month these would be exactly what we’re talking about, yet these events are just footnotes to the big show. Picture it this way it’s like the Rolling Stones opening for The Beatles. Now granted, I’m being a little lenient with this metaphor, as far as the opener goes, but stay with me. 

April 2019 has turned into the perfect storm of pop culture, the moment where two equally awesome items collide to make one massively awesome celebration. Listen, I’m not here to explain science to you guys. A great deal of this particular storm has to do with these feelings of finality. In a week and a half, we start our final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones and while there are still two books to be published (insert sarcastic laughter here) this feels like the end of the line for more than just the television series. Game of Thrones will be the last watercooler show possibly ever. We haven’t had a must watch weekly show this important since Breaking Bad. Which also happens to be the greatest television show ever. Don’t @ me. Once it concludes we fully slip into the streaming age. For Game of Thrones, you have to be there. Sunday night. With the rest of us or you’ll miss out. It’s the moment. It’s knowing that just about everyone else in the world is experiencing the same thing you are at the exact same moment. There’s a certain degree of inclusion that comes with it, and once Thrones ends I really can’t think of a show that can capture people the same way. It’s sad and fascinating all at the same time.

With all that being said though, Game of Thrones is ending and that’s insane! The next six weeks are going to be bonkers as we lose longtime beloved characters, most likely in horrific fashion, and see this story come to an end. Maybe it’s because George RR Martin seems in no rush to finish the novels but an ending to Game of Thrones… just doesn’t seem possible. It just feels like a forever story and maybe that’s part of the difficulty in saying goodbye. Acknowledging the fact that it’s ending. It doesn’t negate the excitement though. Each episode already feels like Christmas morning and we have barely seen anything.

If processing that wasn’t difficult enough, along comes Avengers Endgame a movie that is tying together ten years of storytelling. That’s twenty-two movies. A movie so big that it literally crashed the internet on Tuesday with ticket sales. Listen, I talk about the MCU here quite a lot so I don’t need to rehash the importance of Endgame but you guys… it’s effin Engame! Everything Marvel Studios has done has been leading to this exact moment and that moment is almost here. In fact, it’s twenty-two sleeps away. That’s it. That’s nothing. Now throw in the fact that Endgame comes out the same weekend that Game of Thrones will have its epic Battle of Winterfell and… I am not emotionally equipped to deal with all that fictional death in such a small span of time.  I’m just not strong enough Geeklings. This is not an exaggeration. I’m being serious. I. Will. Be. A. Mess. Please check in on me. 

Endgame and Game of Thrones are two of the most massive pop culture entities that we have, and for them to drop so closely together… I find it hard pressed to think of a month that was more important within the pop culture sphere. It’s things like this that make me so damn happy to have this site. It’s things like this that also make me afraid to leave my apartment. I know I’m safe here but I can’t risk getting hit by a car or attacked the raccoons that lurk by my dumpster. I need to see how Game of Thrones and Endgame wrap up. After that, sure I’ll throw down with some raccoons. At least then I’ll have closure. 

Geeklings, what do you think? Can you remember a bigger pop culture month than this? If so, then what? I’m curious. In the meantime, I’m going to keep churning out columns for you guys as long as you’re willing to read them. I might even put them out even if you aren’t reading… it’s too much fun. A huge thanks for allowing me to post 700 columns and all of your support/reading. Really means the world. Here’s to I Am Geek and here’s to you, my Geeklings.

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