Best Week In Geek Ever- Endgame & The Battle of Winterfell

Geeklings, it kind of feel like it’s all been leading to this doesn’t it? The culmination of everything that I Am Geek has stood for these last three years. We talked about it a couple of weeks ago how April could be the greatest pop culture month of all time, but here we are staring into the face of what could possibly be the greatest pop culture week of all time.  On a Monday as our hearts are full of anticipation and excitement the likes we’ve never experienced before as the rest of the week waits to bring the tension and the nerves. Sure, we’ve been amped and hyped for events before. Just look through the I Am Geek archive and you’ll have all the evidence you’ll need of past excitements. Hell, you’ll even find excitement for things like Batman vs Superman here. I Am Geek exists for these moments. Moments where the pop culture landscape changes, and we’re all sitting in the front row, holding our breath with anticipation and nervous, giddy, excitement.

On an emotional level, I can tell you point blank… I’m not ready. I woke up yesterday fully expecting the majority of the week to belong to Avengers Endgame, and then “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” happened. Now I don’t know what to do. I have spent the majority of my day thinking/talking about Game of Thrones. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed. Last night’s episode was a masterstroke. A character work of art with intense emotional payoff. I somehow need to switch my mind towards Endgame as the Red Carpet premier is tonight with reactions/reviews being released tomorrow. I’m honestly not sure if I can do it. The overwhelming nature of this week has divided my mind and trying to think of the upcoming Battle of Winterfell and Endgame at the same time mostly results in larger and larger chunks of my brain turning to goo. I don’t think it’s physically possible.

This has resulted in a minute by minute rotation of subjects. Is there another villain in Endgame? Can anyone possibly survive the Battle of Winterfell? Am I strong enough to deal with the possible deaths of Captain America and Jon Snow… in the same week?! Can the Night King actually win this battle or is something else on the horizon? Captain Marvel and Thor… yes! This is the constant state of my mind. Round and round we go to the point where I can’t focus on anything but Game of Thrones and Endgame. And that’s not even remotely a complaint. More a natural sense of things.

Geeklings, this is the Week In Geek to possibly end all Week In Geeks. I mean, we’re still going to do the column every Monday but what could possibly trump this week? When all is said and done we shall look back on this week with great remembrance. The week that pop culture almost killed us. Think about it, in the forty-eight-hour span from Endgame to the Battle of Winterfell all the fictional death we’re going to endure. Devastating amounts of fictional death. Just one of these events is enough to cripple even the strongest geek, but now two?! To quote a protocol droid I know… we’re doomed.

Despite all that, I feel like a kid at Christmas time. This is the power of storytelling, my friends. To have two massive stories, that I love so much, have these monumental moments coincide with each other.  It’s an embarrassment of riches and one of the greatest things not only to happen to this site but the story lover in me. My heart is nowhere near ready for this… but yet, I’ve been waiting for a moment like this my entire life.

The endgame is near, our watch begins, and we’ll live through it all together. Here at I Am Geek as we split time with columns to both Endgame and Thrones, and probably will do for some time. Let the greatest geek week in history commence!

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