Pull List- Mutant Council, Batman Returns, & A Darth Vader Reunion

Geeklings, a very happy day after New Comic Book Day to you all. I’m sorry for the delay in the column but yesterday I had some meetings for my rapidly approaching wedding (only a month away now) and was unable to get to a computer at a decent time. Hence, a post-celebration of our favorite weekly holiday.

Since the column is already delayed why don’t we just jump right into things? Tomorrow is my first day at New York Comic Con, feel free to hit me up, and there are a lot of things to prep for. So let’s start getting down to books. First off we’ve got…

Oct 2 3

House of X #6- This is the final issue of House of X with only one issue of Powers of X remaining in this event. And that last issue just so happens to be a red issue so you know it’s important. As for this book right here? Well, let me tell you about this book right here. If you had questions about the mutant council being formed then please allow House of X #6 to answer them… most of them anyway. If you had questions about how the mutants relayed the info about their super medical drugs to the public then please turn your attention here. If you’re wondering if everyone on this council can be trusted and how mutants will police themselves going forward then… you get the point. Another excellent addition to this already classic event. I’m both excited and nervous to see how things wrap next week as we prepare to head into the main titles. I’m also hoping to catch the X-Men panel at NYCC tomorrow so hopefully, I’ll have some info this weekend on what to expect.

Oct 2 1

Batman #80- Look who’s back in Gotham. After last issue showed us that Batman has not been ignoring the comings and goings of Gotham and has actually been planning his return, we finally get to see what happens. Bane seemingly has been running Gotham with zero issues, outside of Robin causing a ruckus, and now it’s time to get what’s owed to him. Batman and Catwoman look to bring down the City of Bane but it’s not going to be an easy task. Knowing King, I fully expect some more twists and turns here as we get ready for these final six issues of his run.

Oct 2 9

Doctor Aphra #37- Last time Darth Vader saw Doctor Aphra he was shooting her out into space to die. Lucky for her she was saved by her murderous droids. Not so lucky for her it seems that Darth Vader has learned of her survival. I have always loved the dynamic between Vader and Aphra and am very anxious to see how he reacts to her survival. Will there be a tentative partnership again? Will Vader hunt her down? Would Aphra be able to survive that? I don’t know but I’m very much looking forward to finding out.

Oct 2 10

Die #8- Sweet Jesus guys, just read this book. If you need more Gillen in your life after The Wicked + The Divine wrapped then this book is for you. If you love gorgeous artwork then this book is for you. If you always wondered what it would be like if D&D was like Jumanji then this book is for you. Read it. Thank me. Live your best possible life.

Oct 2 7

DCeased #5- Tom Taylor does not care about your emotions or your attachment to characters. He straight up doesn’t and we kind of love him for it. From his work in Injustice and including the four previous issues of DCeased we know that Taylor is not afraid to tear your heart out but leaving you wanting more. That need to be hurt again because the storytelling is so fantastic. DCeased is more than just an Elseworlds zombie story, it’s an exploration of what makes these characters so great as the world falls apart around them. Also, zombie superheroes.


Honorable Mentions- Immortal Hulk #24, Justice League #33, Ghost Rider #1, & Legion of Superheroes: Millennium #2

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. Again sorry for the delay and the abbreviated column. I just wanted to make sure you had all your comic needs heading into NYCC. I’ll be back next week with a batch of new books for your eyeholes. As always if you feel like I left anything off be sure to sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll be posting NYCC awesomeness throughout the weekend so be sure to pay attention to my feed. In the meantime, I’ll see you all next week. Happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, and Image Comics