Pull List- Superman’s Identity, Breaking Into America, & Assassin High School

Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all! What better day to curl up in your favorite chair, sip some soup like the Baby Yoda that you are, and read this week’s batch of comics. Of course, you’ll have to get them first which means either leaving your Cave of Comfort for the local comic book shop or just be a heathen like myself and download them. You can do that in your pjs if you so choose. The wonders of technology!  

I do have to make a confession before we venture into this week’s Pull List, I’ve been a terrible comic book reader as of late. This isn’t easy for me to admit people so please take mercy on me. I got all caught up during my honeymoon and then with the holidays, trying to finish my Good Reads yearly challenge (six away from my goal), Watchmen/The Mandalorian/Baby Yoda, and writing… there’s just not enough time in the day you guys. As I downloaded my books this morning I couldn’t help but feel that I was slacking. That I was letting not only myself down but those of you who read the Pull List. Is this an insanely dramatic way of thinking? Of course, it is. Did it make for some entertaining reading? Of course, it did. What can I say, I’m a showman. But seriously, I need to catch up on some books.

Before I can do that though, what do you say we start breaking down this week’s Pull List? It’s cold and you guys need to get your cozy read on. Let’s kick things off with a major DC reveal in…

Dec 11 5

Superman #18- I’ve always wondered how the people of Metropolis were never able to figure out who Superman is. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? A little hair curl and some glasses and suddenly no one knows who this guy is?! I’m looking at you Daily Planet, aren’t you guys supposed to be reporters? Their inability to see what’s in front of their face is borderline criminal but it certainly adds to the charm of the character. But the time has come for the world to learn the identity of Supes and that starts here in issue #18. Since taking over the title, Brian Michael Bendis has really been expanding the Superman Universe as he’s brought back long-missed characters and really put Supes through the wringer. The revealing of his secret identity is a big deal, unlike the Arrowverse where heroes tell just about everyone who they are, and Bendis is treating it as such. The status quo for Superman is about to change and I’m curious about what this reveal will mean for him, his family, and the DC Universe as a whole moving forward.

Dec 11 7

Undiscovered Country #2- I was on my honeymoon when the first issue of Scott Snyder and Charles Soule’s insane new book was released and I read the hell out of it. I even felt a bit guilty that I couldn’t come here and talk to you fine people about it. Buuuut, issue two is here, I’m not on my honeymoon, and we can finally talk about what is sure to be a massive hit moving forward. Undiscovered Country is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s). The concept is not only relevant to world events but somehow it manages to not be too far out of the realm of possibility either. Minus the monsters but the concept of America just dropping off the grid? Closing down its doors and setting up barriers that prevent anyone from entering? I can see it. That’s all I’m saying. As for the book, a group of people has entered the country, upon a secret invite, and immediately are on the run. Turns out that invite wasn’t sent by people who wanted guests. Good thing they’ve shacked up with the resistance. Undiscovered Country looks to be incredibly promising and I can’t wait to see what Snyder and Soule have in store for not only this universe but for us readers. I think we’ve got something special here.

Dec 11 1

The Dark Knight Returns- The Golden Child #1- I’m going, to be honest, and I’m sure it’ll be met with mixed reviews, but I’m kind of over Frank Miller returning to this classic universe. I’m sorry. I’m just over it. I don’t think it adds anything new to the classic The Dark Knight Returns and the writing just hasn’t been on par with what we’ve grown accustomed to. In some cases, I would argue that the writing shows how out of touch with things Miller has become and instead of being excited for these new installments, I kind of just groan. With that ringing endorsement, how could you not be excited to read his next chapter in the DKR Universe?! Taking place a few years after The Master Race (DKR III) and follows Carrie Kelley as she grows into the Batwoman mantle as well as Jonathan Kent who just so happens to be *dramatic pause* the golden child! Throw in the typical something bad always happens in Gotham and you got yourselves a book. Yay? 

Dec 11 6

Something Is Killing the Children #4*insert Kevin gushing over this book here* First off, I can’t believe this is only the fourth issue. It feels like Something Is Killing the Children has been in my life for much longer. I guess that’s a testament for how much I love this series and how consumed by the story I am, but it also could have to do with my inability to grasp the passing of time lately. Like, guys, we’re only a week and a half away from Christmas. That’s insane! You know what else is insane, the fact that Erica Slaughter (best name ever) was able to convince the local police department that given a few days she’ll make sure that no more kids vanish. Clearly, she has powerful allies but her ability to convince the Sheriff that something greater is going down (#monsters) is quite impressive. Tensions are running high as children keep disappearing and the FBI is now getting involved. Can Slaughter find the source and take it out or is there more monster mayhem in the town’s future? This book is awesome! Read it.

Dec 11 8

Deadly Class #42- Marcus isn’t getting along with Saya… again. Saya is now a rat. Maria looks like she’s about to cheat on Marcus in a cartel power move. Helmut has been dealing with some kind of deranged sex death cult. The power structure in the school is shifting to… cool guy Marcus? King’s Dominion is certainly in a bit of upheaval and I’m starting to wonder if staying away from school was the best move for Marcus and Maria. Clearly, this place is dividing them in a major way and whatever secret plans they’re working on to take down Master Lin doesn’t seem to be moving the way they expected. Hopefully, things can come together before finals (aka rat hunt) or things are going to get a lot messier. 

Honorable Mentions- X-Force #3, Spider-Man 2099 #1, & Immortal Hulk #28

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. As always, if you feel like I’ve left anything off this week’s Pull List be sure to sound off in the comments. If you’d like to talk more comics with yours truly you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32 awaiting your conversations. In the meantime, stay warm and cozy up with your favorite reads. I’ll be back next week with a whole new batch of comics for your eyeholes. Until then, happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, Boom Studios, and Image Comics 

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