Sooooo, How We Doing?

Soooooooo, how is everyone? I know, I’ve been missing for the majority of the week. I turned up once on Tuesday to drop, what I think is an excellent column on The Clone Wars and then ghosted out for the rest of the week. Yeah, that’s on me. I don’t really have much in the way of an explanation. The week kind of got to me and away from me if I’m being honest. I wanted to write. I thought about writing. I just was incapable of actually doing it. That’s on me. Again, if you need more detailed answers then please turn your attention to right here.

I wanted to pop in, on a Sunday no less, and just let you guys know it’s going to be a different week. The aim is for more content and considering I only published one column last week then we’ve got no where but up to go. It’s a good thing that we’ve got things to look forward to. I imagine I’ll have a write up, as well as a podcast (?), for the upcoming Community Table Read and all the emotions it fills me up with. I might have a column brewing on The Masked Signer and could there possible be some comic book content coming this week? Maybe? Possibly? We shall see.

Mostly, I wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing out there. Did you make it through the week okay? Are you looking forward to the week ahead? You still  keeping sane? Let me know the deets on how you’re living. I’m going to go disappear into my book for a bit, finally reading His Dark Materials and I’m enjoying it, finish the second season of Dead To Me, and then watch the last two episodes of The Last Dance. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow on a very Community themed Monday. Be excited, I know I am.

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