Writing During the Pandemic

You know, when the pandemic hit one of my first thoughts was, “man, I’m going to get so much writing done for the site”. Well, this is following all thoughts and concerns about my friends and family, safety, work situation, and how will I find toilet paper and masks. After all that though, it was one of my first thoughts. I had this idea that I would be turning out content on a level that I hadn’t done in the past. On the regular, we average anywhere between four to five new columns a week here at I Am Geek and that’s a number I’m proud of. I wish I lived in a world where I could turn out content all day but alas, I have bills to pay and a cat to feed. So four to five is the best I can do for now. Granted we have weeks with more and some weeks with less but numbers have been good. Hell, we just reached our 900th column a little over a week ago. Got to be doing something right.

All of this is beside the point. Let’s focus on the pandemic, writing, and a surplus of content. As you can tell, the content on the site over these last two months, a few days less actually, has not been a surplus. It’s been average and a little below average but it certainly hasn’t been the surplus I imagined at the start of this thing. Perhaps I was just an optimistic delusional writer who believed that a world stopping pandemic wouldn’t affect his ability to spin words for eyeballs. Now I’m a long hair, grizzled delusional writer who has kind of taken a creative beating during this pandemic. 

It doesn’t help that a lot of entertainment has stopped. Films like Black Widow and the latest The Furious Film have all been put on hold. Shows like Stranger Things, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and countless others have seen their production halted thrusting us in a world of uncertain release dates. Comic books… new comic books have been missing from our shelves for some time now and my wallet has enjoyed the reprieve while my heart has been sad. The pandemic asked me to be more creative with the content I attempted to put out and I thought I was up for the challenge. There were days where I was and I think there has been some quality postings over these two months, but if I can be honest with you Geeklings… this thing has kind of made me tired.

What started off as this pursuit to bulk up the sites numbers and write write write turned into this realization that my body and mind weren’t fully willing to cooperate with me. Working at home has been an adjustment and not just because the pants I’ve been wearing over the last two months haven’t contained one button. It kind of changes your psyche in a lot of ways. I used to go to work, decompress on the ride home, and then sit down and bang out a column. It was routine. Now I finish work, walk into the living room, and feel like my mind has turned to some sort of gooish mess. I want to write but my body is like, “can we just sit down for a little bit? Please?”. And over the last couple of months, I’ve been listening to my body.

This kind of explains why the column numbers have been mild as of late. I feel the tide kind of turning and like I said yesterday during the Week In Geek, I’m optimistic to tackle certain subjects. Top of the list is the end of The Clone Wars. I have some serious feelings about that and would be remiss if I let my mind goo prevent me from getting them to your eyeholes. I don’t know what the future entails with everything that’s going on. I’m still working at home but I’ve adjusted. I’ve grown accustomed to my new life. I kind of secretly enjoy my new life. My wife is in the bedroom working. We go for lunch walks. We’ve found a system that works to maintain sanity. Hudson the Cat seems happy having all this attention. And again, not to beat the point to death, pants without buttons is a dream come true. And while I’ve grown accustomed I’m starting to feel those writing energies shift again. 

Listen, I’m not beating myself up for not turning the content I envisioned I would. What’s happening around us is kind of crazy town banana pants and I’m glad on the days I haven’t written that I listened to my body. But, I also just wanted to come here and talk about it. This new world we live in, the world where we haven’t had a new comic book to read in weeks, kind of lends itself to this type of openness. I think we’re all dealing with this quarantine in different ways. Yes, I’ve dived headfirst into a number of different things. From re-reading Saga to playing Animal Crossing to re-watching allllll of Community. And those things have been a tremendous help. Some of which will always be connected with the pandemic. It’ll be hard to separate somethings from quarantine and that’s okay. It roots everything in a specific moment in time. You can always refer to, “remember when we watched/read/played this during that time where we couldn’t leave the house?” 

At the end of the day, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I noticed that the content has been up and down too, and I think we’re on the rebound now. I’m not promising anything but the wheels are spinning and I feel those creative juices starting to flow in a less congested manner. These are some crazy times and we all respond differently. I do hope that everyone out there continues to be safe and find different and exciting ways to escape and relax your mind. Hopefully one of those things is this here website. And for that, I say thank you, big-big. Here’s to the promise of new content and adjusting to a world that has gone sideways together.

Much love Geeklings. 

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