Pull List- No Comics Edition

Geeklings, a Happy Would Be New Comic Book Day to you all! That’s right, this New Comic Book Day has been thankfully put on hold in a time of much uncertainty in the comic industry. If you recall last week’s edition of the Pull List we discussed how Diamond would not be distributing books to your favorite local comic book shops putting them in a financial stranglehold of sorts. Think of it this way, Diamond is like Ronda Rousey and the local comic book shop is, well, it’s your scrawny neck that can’t be protected from freakin’ Ronda Rousey. With the physical distribution of books on hold many wondered what would happen to comics in general, especially when it’s so easy to get books digitally. You don’t have to be Batman to figure out that if books were sold digitally without physical counterparts that it would spell certain doom for our favorite local comic book shops.

Thankfully, all the major comic publishers, including Marvel and DC, decided to hold off on digital releases this week. Marvel even went so far as putting up an Instagram post urging readers to continue using their local comic book shop especially if that shop was doing things like curbside pick up or mailing books to readers. I’m not going to lie, this filled my heart with a tremendous amount of glee. The type of glee that fills your heart when you see Morgan Freeman arrive in Zihuatenjoy to see Andy at the end of Shawshank. I’m not crying but I do feel good about life. It’s the exact opposite feeling of when Tom Hanks loses Wilson in Castaway.

Now, with no new comic books, this throws the Pull List into this kind of floating nebulous where there’s nothing to promote but it’s Wednesday so it would feel unnatural not talking about comics. So, what do we do? The answer isn’t very sexy but is completely human.

I don’t know.

Right now, I wanted to use this column as a way to touch base with everyone and let you know what’s going on in the comic industry. We’re nothing if not informative here. I also wanted to take a minute and kind of spell out the immediate future of the column. I’ve decided that if publishers start making their books available digitally only then I won’t be covering them in the Pull List. I love comic books and I love New Comic Book Day but I can not get behind the killing of local comic book shops. Thankfully, we’re not living in a world where that is happening so that’s good. Just know, if it happens I’m out like trout until books are being sold in stores again.

Outside of that, I don’t know. I might turn the Pull List into a weekly suggestion column. Instead of new books, I can tell you about some awesome books that you should read instead. That’s one of the great things bout comics, there’s always something new to discover. If I don’t do that maybe I’ll just put the column on hold until things are a little more stable. I haven’t decided yet but your input is more than welcome. You can leave suggestions in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32.

That’s really going to do it for today’s Pull List. Please continue supporting your local comic book shops and continue being safe out there. The Pull List will be back, I promise but it might get its Skrull on and morph into something else for a little bit. Time will tell. In the meantime, happy reading and many huzzahs!

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