A Letter To Insomniac Concerning Miles Morales & Spider-Cat

Dear Insomniac Games,

Listen, let’s just cut to the chase. I’m not going to lie to you as it would defeat the entire purpose of this very public letter. When I heard that a Miles Morales game was coming to PS5 I had mixed emotions. Not because I was disappointed in any way, dear lord don’t think that. I exclaimed quite loudly in my kitchen/office as I watched the PS5 announcements as my wife called over from her bedroom/office what was going on. After explaining she went on existing with the rest of her day as is to be expected. Me? Well, I felt like my volume had just been cranked to eleven. Spider-Man not only was one of my all-time favorite gaming experiences but one of my all-time favorite Spider-Man stories. Spider-Man is my guy. All-time favorite superhero and this was the game that I had been waiting for. The notion that we were going to get more story from that universe was enough for me to throw on a Spidey onesie and not so patiently await the game’s release… truth be told because I said I was not going to lie, I don’t have a Spider-Man onesie but I am looking to fix this problem. I just wanted to paint the picture of eager anticipation for you. 

No, my mixed emotions came with the fact that this was going to be a PS5 game. Of course, I plan on eventually picking up a PS5, I enjoy video games and there’s no way I’d be willing to miss out on that God Of War sequel. The thing is, I don’t play them enough to warrant buying a PlayStation 5 right out the gate. I’m willing to wait. I’m patient… not really but I try. I really do. But the release of a Miles Morales game had me checking my bank accounts and wondering if I should pull the trigger on a new system now. Thankfully the whole pre-ordering fiasco made that an easy decision for yours truly.

No, I didn’t get one.

As much as I wanted to play this game, I was willing to wait. Which is painful when you consider just how much I love the character of Miles Morales. It almost seemed unfair not only to myself but to the hard-working crew over at Insomniac who put this game together. I didn’t want to let them down especially after all the gushing praise that fell out of my mouth to anyone and everyone following the completion of the first Spider-Man game. And as mentioned before, I lied about being fully patient.

Then something most glorious happened. Almost as if the Spider-Angels themselves had come down and parted the clouds as trumpets blared with the announcement that the Miles Morales game would be available for the PS4 as well. I couldn’t believe my luck. The gods had smiled upon me as I was on the cusp of being able to experience this story, this game, with everyone else, come November. For as rocky as 2020 has been, this looked like a solid way for things to conclude. This is literally the Spider-Man game I’d been waiting for since I first read Miles’s introduction in Ultimate Spider-Man

I’m in. I’m buying the game. I’ll play it on my PS4 and I will rejoice with much rejoicing. You have already won…

And then you had to go and introduce Spider-Cat.

I didn’t know my heart was capable of loving something so much especially living in a world where The Child (or Little Baby Yods) occupies a ton of heart landscape and then Spider-Cat comes along just sitting in Miles’ backpack with his mask on as if he’s not a crime-fighting cat who wears a Spider-Man mask. As if he’s not an inspiration to my very own cat, Hudson, and the possibilities of one day sitting in my backpack while wearing a Spider-Man mask and fighting crime. As if he’s not the greatest thing to ever happen to video games.

I was already intending to buy the game. It was going to happen. I was going to play the crap out of it. Nooooow, not only do I have to buy the game but I have to bug Funko into making Spider-Cat products for my shelves. If you’re listening Funko I’ll take a Spider-Cat solo and one in Mile’s backpack please and thank you. I also need a Spider-Cat shirt like yesterday. I need a Spider-Cat mask for Hudson so he can not so secretly hate me while I put it on that one time for a photo op. In short, I need allllll things Spider-Cat. 

You did me dirty Insomniac. I mean, like in the most positive sense, but still… you did me dirty. I don’t know how we rectify this issue. Maybe you can introduce me to the actor who played Spider-Cat? Send me a Spider-Cat mask? Any other Spider related products would be nice too. I don’t know, I put this in your hands now. You contact me on Twitter @iamgeek32 if you so choose.

I look forward to saving New York as Miles, the countdown is on, but I can’t wait to meet that heroic fur bag who lives in Mile’s backpack. Thank you for helping 2020 end on a high note.


Kevin (I Am Geek

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