Checking In

 Geeklings, it has been a minute, hasn’t it? It’s too tempting to make an “anything new going on” joke when clearly there is a ton going on so I’m going to do my best to refrain. Of course, you could argue by even mentioning the making of that joke counts as actually making the joke but I’m not here to split hairs. Yes, I am fully aware that the world outside is a flaming stress ball covered in barbed wire being kicked around by a dragon. Almost like a dragon version of hacky sack which seems like an odd game for dragons to be playing but let me tell you, dragons in Europe, really big into soccer. This metaphor must be killing it there.

I digress.

Yes, I’m making more jokes and stupid analogies than usual not because I haven’t written in almost a week (yikes) but because I’m nervous like I imagine most of you are currently. This election has been… something. At times it has been moments of darkness, fear, and deep sadness and at other moments optimistic, hopeful moments with dashes of darkness, fear, and deep sadness. The waiting for vote counting, while essential and super important, is brutal at times. It almost seems like the sloths from Zootopia are in charge of counting. But, I also want them to count every freakin’ vote so I have to deal with that.

Which brings me to today. I haven’t written in the last week because on a personal level it didn’t seem important to come here and write about movies or tv or comics when there were more pressing matters at hand. And to be honest, I’ve been hyper-focused on them. I’m sure the majority of you have been as well. It’s not every day that we have a Presidential Election during a pandemic where the races in key states are thinner than a razor blade. 2020 has taken a lot of energy from me but this election might be taking years off my life. At the time I’m writing this we don’t have a President-elect yet and I have no idea if that’ll change once this is posted or sometime tonight or sometime next week. We have to be patient and trust in the process. It’s hard but what other choice do we have at the moment?

Of course, you don’t have to stress watch CNN for twenty-four straight hours reducing your fingernails to ash. I get that John King is a state county knowing beast who can work a touch screen map blindfolded, but it’s healthy to step away for a little bit if not for your own peace of mind then so John King can sit down for a minute. Find some distractions. Read this post for instance. Hopefully, laugh a little bit. Read some of the archives. Hopefully, relax and laugh a little more.

But not everything you can do can be found on I Am Geek. I like to shamelessly plug this site, what can I say? My wife, Alyson, and I have been binge-watching The Great British Bake Off to escape and it has helped. Paul Hollywood’s baby blues are borderline hypnotic but the show, in general, is just lovely. It’s charming and peaceful and relaxing which is strange for a competition show. The whole experience is just very soothing.

If you’re not into baking then re-watch last week’s The Mandalorian ahead of tomorrow’s new episode. Just because we don’t know who the President is yet doesn’t mean we will be deprived of LBY. Oh, and PS… Boba Fett is alive?!?! How have we not talked about that?! I mean, seven-year-old Kevin has been waiting for that confirmation for thirty-two years. What could episode two possibly bring?

Read a book or a comic. Get lost in a story that has zero things to do about elections or Presidents who use Twitter to stoke fear, misinformation, and paranoia.

I keep hearing how amazing the Queen’s Gambit is and I think there’s a strong chance I get into that soon. Chess sounds way more exciting than watching CNN rehash the same vote counts for hours while waiting for updates.

Create something of your own. Start writing. Start drawing. Make a rubber band ball. Do something to keep your mind active and off of the dragon hacky sack game.

Re-watch the MCU. I’m currently on Thor so I can listen along accordingly with the Binge Mode podcast. Did I really need an excuse to dive back into the MCU? No, but that doesn’t negate how pleasant and comfortable the experience is.

I really hope you’re all doing well and if you need to talk, I’m here. Start a thread in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Tell me what you’re doing to ease your mind or tell me that you’re going stir crazy and I’ll throw some suggestions to help. We’re going to get through this. Hold out hope for Gandalf to show up as the sun rises on the third day because that’s the energy we need right now.

Will I see you guys with a new column this week? Chances are slim but I won’t say no. I do hope to return to our regularly scheduled geekery come next week. Take care of yourselves Geeklings! 

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