Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings- First Teaser Is Spellbinding

We’ve come a long way since last year which seems weird, doesn’t it? Recently, I was looking back at some of my quarantine pictures on Instagram, as one does when they feel nostalgic for their apocalypse beard and fun headbands, and I’m kind of in disbelief that this was only a year ago. Wild, right?! Feels like it’s been at least three years with a dash of some kind of wicked time vortex that has allowed time to remain stagnant. I don’t know how to explain it but time is kind of moving and things are sort of changing but I still feel quarantined to a degree. Does that make sense? Not sure if it does but then again, it’s been a long day and the fact that I’m stringing these sentences together is an accomplishment worthy of celebration.

As the world continues to spin we are starting to get the things we missed out on last year back. Think of it as a star athlete who blew out his knee and missed the whole season. Now we’re healing and it’s time to get back in the game. God, these analogies are something today, but it’s true. Television shows have resumed production. Movies that were postponed last year are now getting theatrical release dates thanks to the vaccines becoming more and more available. Sports are more or less back in full capacity, baseball is trying to go a full one hundred sixty-two which seems insane. And concerts… well, we’re still waiting on those.

Our year without the MCU is now becoming a distant memory or nightmare depending on how you quarantined. WandaVision was a revelation. Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been deep, emotional, thought-provoking, and poignant. Black Widow has a set-in-stone release date for July 9th both in theaters and Disney+ Premier (#yougottopayforit), and because of that release date, we can finally move forward with the Phase Four film releases.


This means it’s time for some new trailers and anyone good MCU junkie has been jonesing for a first look at Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a movie that seems to have wrapped production a lifetime ago. Well Geeklings, wait no more because our first look of Shang-Chi dropped this morning, after the Twitter handle for the film went live over the weekend this trailer seemed all but destined to drop today on the film’s star,  Simu Liu’s birthday. I love it when the stars align like that.


I am alllllll in on Shang-Chi as this movie looks incredible. The visuals are stunning as it gives us these glimpses of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon mixed with Raya and the Last Dragon all coming together that MCU glow. Whoever chose the music for this trailer should get a high-five immediately. The track doesn’t have a name or an artist, at least that I was able to find just yet, but it really helps set the tone for the two-minute teaser.

I’m not going to pretend that I know a great deal about the character Shang-Chi but I will say that after watching this trailer, I immediately went on Comixology and bought the first volume of his current Marvel run. Marvel seems to be altering the comic’s history a bit, which makes sense considering a lot of those older comics use some pretty outdated and super uncool stereotypes with its Asian characters, which I’m all for as Shang-Chi gets a more modern retelling. It’s clear that this story is going to be a family drama as Shang-Chi’s father, who might be the Mandarin (?!), wants him to join the family business. Clearly, Shang-Chi would prefer to be a hero and I can’t wait to watch this dynamic play out.

What else grabbed my attention? I’m glad you asked reader. Did anyone else notice the Captain America shield in the background of one of the training scenes? Cause that certainly looked like the Captain America shield and I’m not entirely sure what the timeline of this movie is so who knows who it belongs to or why it’s there. How about the badass villain named Death Dealer that I can’t wait to buy in Funko form? The costume is dope as hell and you can just tell that the fight scenes in this movie are going to be on another level.

Some quick observations, did you see the Foo Dogs?! Did that guy’s arm turn into a sword?! Shang-Chi definitely has powers, right? He was manipulating that water, I think. And do we really have to wait until September 3rd for this?!

What did you think Geeklings? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. What was your favorite part of the trailer? What has you most excited about the film? And does anyone know what song this is because I need it in my earholes immediately. 

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