WandaVision- What’s Next For Wanda?

WandaVision has wrapped its first and most likely only season in grand fashion leaving us sitting here in piles of crumpled up tissues, resurfaced grief, and probably a number of questions. Some questions answer themselves like if Wanda will ever be invited back to Westview for a block party or if Norm will ever call his sister. Other questions get a bit more complex. Where did White Vision go after he got all the memories of our Vision? That certainly was a massive info dump but he’s a synthetic human, one would believe he could process those emotions rather… quickly? How about what’s next for Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo? I refuse to live in a world where I don’t get to see those two rays of sunshine in the MCU ever again. Refuse.

Clearly, the biggest lingering question is what happens to Wanda now that she’s the Scarlet Witch. I was happy to see that the show didn’t let Wanda off the hook for her actions and she’s being held accountable. Yes, she’s deeply sympathetic and one of the MCU characters I’m the most emotionally invested in buuuuut she still held an entire town hostage as a way to work out her grief. And then she almost choked them all to death when they were free and voicing their much-earned anger. Tough look for our gal. What else was there for her to do other than put that plot of land up for sale, throw up her hood on her seriously bitchin super suit, and fly off to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. No, not that Knowhere. Wanda is taking a page out of the Bruce Banner playbook here.

Isolation seems like the best place for Wanda to be right now. It keeps her off the radar from what are sure to be some deeply concerned Avengers and this cabin seems miles and miles away from any town. Plus, all that quiet can really lead to some intense and super productive studying. Wanda can sit on the porch drinking in the view and some tea while she gets her Doctor Strange on reading the Darkhold trying to get a better understanding of her powers. MCU magic is pretty much the Duplicator Machine from Calvin and Hobbes.

We know that Wanda’s magic studying sabbatical can’t last forever and the post-credit stinger seemed to imply that. Deep in her studies, Wanda suddenly hears the voices of the Twins. Two beings we had to say goodbye to when the Hex collapsed. You know, because they were a construct of Wanda’s grief magic. Sooooo, how are they calling out to her?

Sounds like it’s time for a theory.

Now, I can hear you already, “Kevin, isn’t theories what kept some of the audience from actually enjoying WandaVision?” And the answer to that question is yes. Some theories, Reed Richards or mutants, put unrealistic expectations on WandaVision. This show was never intended to introduce the X-Men or the Fantastic Four to the MCU. Sure, there are some hints and possible groundwork laid but for the most part, WandaVision served as an emotional story about Wanda, Monica, and the power of grief. The show left us with a very character-centric blueprint for how we move forward. Monica seems to be heading to space to see Nick Fury (and Carol Danvers?) and Wanda is off learning magic to be her best witch. Both of those endings lead into future Phase Four MCU projects, Captain Marvel 2/Secret Invasion and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness.

While theories are fun and make for excellent watercooler conversations, they also shouldn’t ruin your enjoyment of a story. Just because your theories didn’t come to fortition doesn’t mean the show failed or failed you. You were too busy focusing on the wrong things and might have missed the point a little.

With that being said, I have a theory!

 We know that Wanda’s story is going to continue in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, a title that implies that there is going to be some multiverse insanity to look forward to. We’ve also all heard the rumors about Spider-Man No Way Home and how it could possibly be introducing a live-action Spider-Verse. There is a reason why I Am Geek hasn’t covered any of those rumors and it falls into the theory problem that plagued WandaVision. With all these unconfirmed scoops of actors and actresses returning for this Spider-Man film, it’s easy to get swept up in theories and speculation of what’s to be expected. Again, I feel that this means that certain fans won’t be satisfied by what’s on-screen because some of these unconfirmed scoops didn’t come true. I’d rather just wait to see how the story plays out and make theories based on the trailers. It’s safer that way but it would seem that No Way Home could also be tackling the multiverse.

If it turns out that No Way Home is knee-deep in some multiverse hijinks, I think we’ll have only one person to blame. Wanda. Hearing the Twins call out for help could further break something within Wanda. Giving up Vision and her family was an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. It’s the last stage of grief, acceptance. Acceptance that she needs to move on. Hearing Billy and Tommy suddenly open the doors to hope. The hope that they might still be out there. The hope that Wanda could actually have the family she yearns for. What would that hope do to a character who just figured out she could be the strongest magical being in all the land? What stone would she not uncover looking for her sons? And how would she search for them? Well, by using magic she doesn’t fully understand yet.

Suddenly, that magic could tear a hole in the fabric of the multiverse. Wanda might not even be aware that she’s doing that. It could be a Westview situation but on a much larger scale. Wanda’s search for her sons could throw the entire MCU out of whack, much like the House of M comic series, and reap some serious repercussions. If the multiverse starts to fall apart in No Way Home then it would lead directly into Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness as he now has to repair what’s broken and possibly put Wanda in check. If that’s even possible.

Of course, this could all be some kind of magical ruse. Another magical entity looking to further exploit Wanda, much like Agatha tried, baiting her with a possibility that her sons could be alive. What mother isn’t going to come into action when she hears her supposed to-be gone sons calling for help? I’m not a father but I would tear the multiverse to shreds looking for Hudson the Cat.

What villain could do this? Well, Kang the Conqueror is coming so we have to put him on the list. We know Loki is going to be missing up timelines like some mischievous Doctor Who so let’s put him on the list as well. How about Mordo who is on a quest to destroy as many sorcerers as possible. Or we can stick with everyone’s favorite, Mephisto. It turns out that he wasn’t Ralph, the fly on the curtain, Senor Scratchy, or any of the other million theories on the internet but that’s not to say we might never see him. We know that Wanda and the Twin’s comic history is heavily tied to Mephisto so let’s keep him on the board… for now.

It may be a while before we see Wanda again, I’m holding out for a cameo in No Way Home, but something tells me she’s going to be busy in the background. WandaVision was only the first chapter in what I suspect to be a much larger narrative for the Scarlet Witch. As of right now, it’s the narrative I’m the most excited to see play out across Phase Four. How about you Geeklings, what do you think is next for the Scarlet Witch? Do you think the Twins are still out there? Is she even more dangerous now than before? Sound off in the comments below or feel free to throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll be there waiting to discuss any and all WandaVision theories/questions while my astral projection re-watches the entire series.

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