Spider-Man 3 Finally Has A Title

After some trolling from the cast, Spider-Man 3 finally has an official title ahead of its December release. Despite what Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya may have you think, these are not the titles for the upcoming Spidey film…

Although, I was partial to Spider-Man Home Slice while deeply fearing the internet’s retribution at naming a Spider-Man movie after the classic E.T. line. Luckily, this was the cast just messing around with us and I kind of enjoyed it. We’ve talked about Marvel “trolling” fans a bit with a certain WandaVision reveal, and the cast of Spider-Man giving it to the internet was a fun little treat for last night. Especially if you were trying to post things on Twitter like you were breaking the scoop. Once that Tom Holland announcement came out the internet blew up, then was unsure what to believe, and then understood this was all a joke and an actual title would be coming today. I will say though, refreshing Twitter over and over again just to learn the name of a movie, no trailer, felt like a sort of a pre-COVID normal yet ridiculous activity to be participating in. But hey, whatever makes the day go by.

About that title though. Let’s get to it, shall we? The name of Spider-Man 3 is…

Spider-Man No Way Home. Now, what does this mean?! No idea. I have some guesses and some theories most of which are centered around the multiverse, Wanda, Doctor Strange, and a possible live-action Spider-Verse. Of course, this title announcement really gave us no inclination on any of those things or the rumors circling this film (i.e. the returns of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the arrival of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, any and every possible Spider-Villains from any of the films) and that’s okay. I would much rather be focusing my energies on these last two episodes of WandaVision before I get too distracted by No Way Home.

Yet, I can’t leave here without putting in at least one theory based on the title. Here we go, real quick. Wanda is going to break the multiverse open. Spider-Man is going to get stuck in it and will quite literally be looking for a way back home. To his world. While everything seems to kind of fall apart around him. There will be times during the movie where he feels like, wait for it, that there is no way home. Boom! There’s your movie or at least that’s my working theory and I’ll have more about the future of Spidey after WandaVision wraps and before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops.

In the meantime, let’s get those theories going. Please direct your attention to the whiteboard featured in the announcement video.

Some clear standouts for yours truly are Tony’s arc reactor in the top left corner and again in the top right, what looks like to be the Cosmic Cube in the upper center right above “Spider-Man”, there are a bunch of hexes about (ties to Wanda?!), some obvious COVID related names, and a whole lot of DNA like strands. Again, is this enough to figure out the movie? Not at all. Is it enough to get our minds racing and theorizing? You bet your sweet bippy it is.

This means it’s time for me to give up the floor to you Geeklings. You’ve heard my theory and it’s time for me to hear yours. Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32 with any and all Spider-Man No Way Home-related thoughts. What you working with? I want to hear it all. I suspect with these next couple of episodes of WandaVision that this whiteboard could serve of some importance. Or… it’s just a whiteboard and we’re digging far too deeply into things sort of like a certain aero-space engineer. Either way, let’s have ourselves some Marvel-related fun. 

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