National Superhero Day- Two Issues To Best Celebrate Spider-Man

You can say a lot of things about the internet, and not all of it would be good, but there are days when it certainly delivers the goods. Especially on days where you’re just scrolling through your feed reading interviews with Anthony Mackie concerning the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale. The internet is there to let us know of all the random special days that occur throughout the year like a parent reminding you that it’s your second Uncle Philip’s birthday. For some, these are “made-up” holidays but for others, like me, this is a time to really explore social media to the highest extent. Personally, I love the made-up holidays the internet brings our way. Seriously, how else would I know when to post a picture of Hudson the Cat if the internet didn’t tell me that it’s National All Hail Our Cat Overlord Day. Thanks to The Office, I know that Pretzel Day was on Monday and because of Twitter, I know today is National Super Hero Day! Clearly, a holiday that was designed for I Am Geek if there ever was one.

Over the course of our time together, I haven’t hidden the fact that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. Ever. All-time. No questions asked. In fact, I just recently re-watched Spider-Man: Homecoming and had nothing but those giddy happy feelings that warm up our heart chambers and randomly choke you up unexpectedly. Looking at you “come on Spider-Man” scene. Even writing about it is tickling my eye’s water ducts.

Man, I love Spider-Man.

So, instead of coming here and telling you, again, how much I love Spider-Man, I thought I would change it up a little bit and provide you with some reading recommendations. Suggest to you two issues that perfectly express just why I love ole Web-Head and why I feel there is no other superhero that comes even close to capturing the heart and soul of Spider-Man.

If you can’t find these issues in your local comic book shop, and chances are you might not, then you can always turn to Comixology and buy them for the bargain price of… $1.99 or $3.99. After reading these you’ll probably wish you had payed more for them. That’s how good these issues are.

I’m not going to get into spoilers, as it will defeat the whole purpose of telling you to read them, but I’ll try and give a brief overview.

Let’s start with Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #310 or as it’s known in my house, my all-time favorite issue of Spider-Man. You want a book that captures everything that makes Spider-Man so inspiring then look no further. Written and drawn by Chip Zdarsky this book follows a filmmaker as he tries to make a documentary about Spidey’s impact on New York. The plot seems so basic but the content… hits. These pages are funny, heartwarming, and often rather beautiful as a bunch of random New Yorkers, and some not so random surprises, discuss Spider-Man and the results will leave you feeling all the feels. Literally all of them. At once.

 The next book is Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6. The less I say about this book the better because it’s the twist that really makes this issue resonate. This is an issue that takes the ideas from Spectacular Spider-Man #310 and shows you why. And it’s… beautiful. This is a beautiful issue in all the best ways. A book, I needed to read at the exact moment I read it and only further deepened my love for this character. A book that you should most certainly make sure you have tissues in arm’s reach once you get to the final page. Just talking about it and I’m tearing up… man, I love Spider-Man.

Both of these books have stayed with me long after reading them and there’s no better testimonial for a story/character than that. National Super Hero Day might be a made-up internet holiday, but that doesn’t make it insignificant. It’s days like this that allow us these moments to celebrate the superheroes who have shaped our imaginations, childhoods, and in some cases, adulthoods. 

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