Let’s Catch Up

Much like Lucy back in the day, it looks like I’ve got some explaining to do. It has been over a week since I Am Geek produced new written content, still pumping out the memes on the Facebook page though, and it’s been a drag for me. The highlight of most days is coming here and writing up some new words for your eyeholes to drink up and spark conversation and last week, well, the gods were against me. You see Geeklings, my work schedule has gotten a bit more hectic and my hours are a bit all over the place. Yes, I’m still working my normal 8:30 to five o’clock but on top of that, I’ve now got projects to complete at night. When I get home. And can change into non-adulting clothes. Fun, right?

It’s been this adjustment to my hours that prevented me from writing all of last week which in turn made the week drag even more. I was already tired but not coming here to do something I love… it just made the week a bag of suck. But this is a new week and I’m going to make it a point to make sure I get here and produce new content. I Am Geek is in the midst of its best year yet, and that’s coming off of last year’s record-breaker, and I’ll be damned if we’re not going to keep that train going. I don’t expect the work hours to really change for the next two months or so (joy) but I’m going to work on finding a way to balance the day job and the I Am Geek job. Does that mean we’ll have weeks with one or two columns? Possibly. It sounds likely. My aim right now is for at least three columns a week. But even getting to write one or two columns will help preserve some sanity.

Now that you’re all caught up on what work has been doing to me, let me tell you about the things that have been helping keep me sane. You know, the pop culture nuggets that you come here to inhale and then digest and dip in that sweet and sour sauce, which I hear McDonald’s is having a shortage of?! That sounds terrible. If I still ate at McDonald’s, I would have all types of problems/panic right now. Luckily, those days are long gone but I still feel the need to stock up. You know, just because. Maybe there is a pocket of the dark web where I can make a killing dealing sweet and sour sauce. Hmmm…

That’s an issue to address at a later time, in the meantime, here’s everything I’ve been enjoying over the last couple of weeks…

·        Mare of Easttown just concluded last night, and what a satisfying series from start to finish. The mystery kept you engaged, there were enough “holy shit” moments to keep you on the edge of your seat, it lead to great discussion between the Mrs. and I, the acting was excellent, and most importantly served as a reminder that Kate Winslet is an absolute boss. I will say though, HBO Max continues to drop the ball as a streaming service as it crashed the very second that the finale dropped. Great job guys! Not shocking your numbers are what they are.

·        The New York Knicks making the playoffs has been mostly fun/nostalgic, outside of the results of the games, and has been occupying a lot of my energy. As a kid who grew up playing basketball and loving the Knicks, this has been an absolute blast. Good to have this team back in my life.

·        I finished reading Grady Hendrix’s The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires the other night, in fact, finding time to read it got me through most of last week. Let me tell you, the social commentary was fantastic and very relevant but the book gets dark. There were a number of times in the back half of the novel where I was like “ummm, I didn’t expect to be going here” but it added to the danger of the story. All and all a really solid read with some extreme creepiness. Moving on to Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson next. This covers how Kanan and Hera, from Star Wars Rebels, meet. Speaking of which…

·        Last week I finished The Great Rebels Re-Watch and I’ve been in my feels ever since. The more I think about it the more I think Rebels might be my favorite Star Wars anything. I’ve even gone back and re-listened to some old Binge Mode: Star Wars episodes centered around the show and characters. If you guys have any good Rebels podcasts to suggest please leave them in the comments. Always on the look.

·        I’m still on my massive Invincible read, just finished volume sixteen. After the Amazon series all I can hear is the character voices and it’s only enhanced the book for me. Outside of that Donny Cate’s Crossover has been a tremendous read as has Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man and Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil. I’m behind on a bunch of books but I made some progress today.

·        Oh, the Mrs. and I started Schitt’s Creek finally. We finished seasons one and two in two days. I think we’re only one episode into season three. I would like to openly apologize to the show for waiting this long.

·        We also watched Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix. I’ve got more thoughts on this that I hope you’ll get to read this week but for now, I enjoyed the film. For something that was two and a half hours it moved fast and didn’t seem to drag. Yes, it could have used some editing but it didn’t bother me. I’m actually kind of obsessed with something within the film that we’ll talk about soon. Ooooh, what a fun little teaser, right?

·        I confused Chris Elliot and Daniel Stern. No, I don’t know how it happened.

·        No, I have not watched the Friends Reunion yet. I will though. At some point.

·        The death of Kentaro Miura really bummed me out as Berserk has long been my favorite anime and the only manga I’ve ever read. A couple of months ago I actually bought a couple of volumes in the hopes of catching up. Something I still plan on doing but bummed knowing that Guts, Casca, and the rest of the gang might not ever have a clear ending.

·        That Eternals trailer! I still don’t know a lot about what this movie is but I do know it looks gorgeous. Marvel might have something legit here. Certainly different from the rest of the MCU. I’m here for all of it. Think I need to read more of Kieron Gillen’s current run.

That about covers it Geeklings. Thanks again for your patience with the lack of reading material last week. It’s a new week and I already feel better about it. Hope to see you here throughout the week to discuss anything and everything. Until then Geeklings, here’s to a kickass week!

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