Did You Know, Monsters At Work Came Out Today?

I woke up this morning motivated. There was no dragging myself out of bed today, no sir. I was up way before my alarm, dressed, and out the door to play basketball for my morning workout. Granted, I wasn’t playing any pick-up games, I am very much not ready for that, but it felt good to do something different. Something I used to do all the time when I was a younger lad playing for varsity teams. That’s right, your boy was an athlete too!  Although it’s been a minute since I played and it’s painfully clear that this jump shot is going to need some straightening out before I can make Steph Curry jealous. It’s a start though and I’m happy with that.

Once that was done, it was home, showered, reading a chapter of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, off to the cleaners (dry cleaning not a hitman), and then work all before 8:30. I’ve been feeling good. It’s Wednesday, I have one more workday this week and tonight is the penultimate episode of Loki.

Honestly, what more could I ask for?

I had the office all to myself today which meant I got to rock Natalie Holt’s Loki soundtrack pretty much all day. This thing slaps, it’s right up there with the music from WandaVision for me but tells a more cohesive musical story because it’s not fitting the varied television eras of WandaVision, and I can’t wait for the back half of it to be released after the finale. Of course, I’m not quite ready for the finale because then that means no more new episodes of Loki, which I suppose means that I’m willing to wait for it. Plus, I haven’t watched today’s episode yet so I’m nowhere near mentally prepared for the finale. This means I spent the day avoiding the interwebs for spoilers. There are times where I think being able to avoid spoilers on Twitter should be considered an Olympic sport, I’d make the team I promise you, but as the workday wound down I was more than ready to get home and watch some Loki with the Mrs.

And that’s because Wednesday’s are Loki days, at least for one more week they are, right? It’s not like another series would be released on Disney+ on a Wednesday with little to no promotion. No, that would defeat the whole purpose of Disney+, shows must be promoted so it’s drilled into our heads when they’re released. This way we won’t miss any awesome television action. That’s how the game is played. Disney+ wouldn’t do that to us…

Wait, did Disney+ do that to us?!

Umm, did anyone know that Monsters At Work was being released today?! I had heard whispers of the show’s existence, mostly because I saw Mindy Kaling was casted and that made my heart happy, but after that nothing. You would think that Disney+’s first big Pixar series would get a bit more promotion than just suddenly arriving on the streaming platform during a time where it’s clearly being eclipsed by Loki.

Now, I’m sure an argument can be made that I don’t run in the circles where Monsters At Work would be promoted but guys, come on. It’s me. I like to believe that I have a pretty good grasp on things that are coming out and when they’re being released. On top of that, I’ve been watching a ton of the NBA Playoffs and those games are aired on channels owned by Disney, you would think there would be some promotion there. One would think.

Here we are though, in a world where not one but two episodes of a Pixar show slipped through the cracks. Now that I know that these episodes are available for my eyeholes, of course, I’m going to watch them, I just wish there had been a bit more promotion so I could have prepared myself or maybe even prepared you, Geeklings. Now we’re all trying to figure out do we watch Monsters At Work before Loki or as a pallet cleanser. The correct answer is before, so you can ride the waves of Loki excitement to the point where you’re lying in bed thinking of theories and things to discuss, or is that just a me problem?

Sure, some of the lack of promotion has to do with the fact that not watching Monsters At Work when it’s released won’t ruin your life the way missing an episode of Loki or The Mandalorian would cause spoilers are a B, but again, that’s not the point. Disney+ has a fun new show from one of their biggest moneymakers and we’re just finding out about its release now.

I feel betrayed…

Or I would if I wasn’t so hyper-focused on tonight’s episode of Loki. But Disney+, if you’re reading this…

Shame Game Of Thrones GIFs | Tenor

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