Loki- Did We Catch A Glimpse of Alligator Loki’s… Brother?!

Let’s just get something straight right off the bat, to the surprise to literally no one, I would die for Alligator Loki. Does this mean anything coming from a man who has previously stated that he would die for Baby Yoda (a.k.a. Grogu, a.k.a. Little Baby Yods), or the upcoming Suicide Squad’s King Shark, how about Baby Groot or even the beard of Oscar Issac? No, it probably doesn’t mean anything to you at this point, “Sure Kevin, who wouldn’t you die for”, but I don’t care. I want it known in the universe that Alligator Loki is the superior Loki. Yeah, I said it. The. Superior. Loki.

This season of Loki, and I say season because much like Boastful Loki wanting others to believe his exploits, I believe the rumors of a second season with little to no proof to back them up, has been phenomenal. What an absolute blast and I’m saddened that next week is the final episode. But, at least I have all things Alligator Loki to keep my mind busy. I’m not so patiently waiting to pre-order my Funko Pop, come on with those links already. I’m waiting for just the right t-shirt to purchase because I can’t love something properly without a t-shirt to reflect said love. The fan art already flooding Twitter and the rest of the interwebs is providing me with a life force that might as well be coming straight from Nidavellir. Alligator Loki is the new North Star that I choose to follow blindly into the night.

Is it too much to ask for an Alligator Loki spinoff? An animated series? A comic book? I want to know what Alligator Asgard looks like. Is it underwater? Is it a marsh? Is it in Florida?! And what of Alligator Loki’s adoptive family? What kind of eye-patch-wearing animal is Odin? Why do I think that Frigga would be some sort of majestic bird?! What about Thor…

Wait, what about Thor? If Loki is an Alligator in whatever timeline he hails from then surely, Thor must be some sort of mighty creature. Right? It would only make sense. Not like Thor would be the only human walking around an Asgard full of animals… although, I would pay great sums of money to watch that story unfold.

Here’s the thing about Thor, I think this fifth episode of Loki might have given us a small glimpse, blink and you’ll miss it even, at Alligator Loki’s adopted brother.

When the Council of Lokis, which is what I’ll be calling them, take our Loki to their underground bowling alley layer, we get one of those classic shots where we see the things that are living in the dirt. The biggest standout is a regular-sized Mjolnir and to the bottom right to that is a jar where something is jumping up and down. At first glance, I believed this to be a version of Ant-Man, something that I thought was confirmed with the giant Yellow Jacket helmet we saw in the episode, but upon closer inspection and some conversation, I stand corrected.

Geeklings, the creature that is jumping up in down inside this jar is none other than Throg… better known as Frog Thor!

This is not the first time that Throg has been mentioned in the MCU as it seems that he was alluded to back in Ragnorak when Thor while discussing tricks Loki has done, tells the Revengers that Loki once turned him into a frog. A funny easter egg at the time that has now been eclipsed by the actual appearance of Throg. Look at his little helmet and cape! Where’s the Funko of Throg in a jar?!

What if there is a timeline where Throg is the Thor and his adopted brother Loki… is a freakin’ alligator! Together they would both be variants in the eyes of the TVA and be pruned off to the Void. Perhaps, through the assistance of the Council of Lokis, they entrap Throg and put him in a jar, a jar that is labeled with a number that coincides with his first appearance in the comics (#research), and they bury him right above their bowling alley layer with Mjolnir always in view but never in reach. What an absolute Loki thing to do.

Come on, who wouldn’t want a spinoff of this story?! I don’t know about you Geeklings, but this is going to be my headcanon until proven otherwise. Throg and Alligator Loki are actual things we’ve seen within the MCU… what a time to be alive.

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