I Am Geek The Birthday Gift Request

As I’ve gotten older, I want to believe that my birthday celebrations have gotten a bit tamer… kind of like the progression of Eddie Murphy’s movie choices. Gone are the long weekend celebrations filled with bar jukeboxes and more alcohol than one should decide to consume. Here is the one-day celebration filled with family/friends, good eats, a bitching party theme, and relaxation. I have zero complaints, I’ve enjoyed the progression into my Pluto Nash years.

But Geeklings, we are on the cusp of a larger than usual birthday which in turn calls for a larger than usual celebration. No, I’m not going to be storming the castle and catching up on years of neglected Jagerbombs (*gag*), I’m still planning on spending a nice low-key day with family/friends, good eats, and the retirement of Eli Manning’s jersey. Instead, I thought I would come here and request some birthday gifts from you.

What?! Has this site been a long con the entire time?! Suckering us in with fun articles only to ask for gifts in return?! The nerve! The audacity!

Calm down, I don’t want any physical gifts. I have a tough enough time giving gift ideas out to those who are requesting them. No lie, I recently told someone that I just wanted books. Books on books on books. And maybe a Knicks hat. I’m telling you, I’m very low-key about these things. Maybe because I feel guilty when people give me gifts. I don’t know, that’s a discussion for another day.

No, I thought maybe as I’m saying goodbye to my thirties that you guys could give me a list of content to dive into. Stuff to really jump-start this next decade of life.

For my birthday, I want your suggestions. You got a book you think I’ll love? Let me know about it. A tv show? Lay it on me. Movie? Anime? Comic? Video game? Music? Website? Collectible? Throw it my way. All of it. Sure, there are chances I might have encountered some of your suggestions but I bet you there are tons I haven’t. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Geeklings, the comments are now yours or you can flood my Twitter @iamgeek32. We still got time before my birthday arrives but I’ll start taking those suggestions ASAP. I’m greedy that way. 


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