• Pull List- A Surprise Walking Dead Finale, Lois Lane Goes Solo, & New Creator-Owned Titles

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  • The Office Is Leaving Netflix and It’s A Really Big Deal

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  • Week In Geek- Spider-Man Goes on Vacation & We Return to Hawkins

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  • Stranger Things- What If Doctor Brenner Is Alive?

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  • Pull List- All the Thors, Deadly Class Lives, & A Stranger Things Prequel

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  • Stranger Things- Did Nancy & Jonathan Doom Hawkins?

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  • Week In Geek- Legion Bids Farewell, Avengers Re-Assemble, Harry Potter Go

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  • Stranger Things Trailer Breakdown- This Is A Code Red

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  • Is It Too Soon For An Endgame Re-Release?

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  • Pull List- Frank Miller’s Superman Origin, Batman’s Daddy Issues, & GotG vs the Black Order

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