You Just Started A War

Fellow Geeklings I was thinking about taking the day off from writing today. Take a day and collect my mind thoughts and come back fresh on Friday, and then they went and dropped that Captain America: Civil War trailer and there was no freakin’ way that was going to happen.

Here’s the true story about how Kevin watched the Civil War trailer. I waited up to twelve last night in hopes that Marvel would drop the trailer at midnight. Nope. I woke up in the middle of the night and before rolling over checked FaceySpace to see if maybe they had released it while I was sleeping. Nope. I woke up for work around sixish, and checked again. Nothing. Checked throughout the morning in secret. Still nothing. Needless to say I was feeling pretty antsy by the time Marvel decided to release this piece of amazingness (by the way it was around twelve this afternoon for those curious).

Luckily I had lunch right as the trailer hit the interwebs and I sat in my car with the windows up, and the sound on my phone at full blast and proceeded to Geek. The. Eff. Out. Seriously if my windows had been down and you walked by my car while I was watching this you would have thought I was a lunatic. As a matter of fact you may still think I’m a lunatic. The sounds of pure glee that left my mouth would almost be embarrassing if I was embarrassed about them. Which I’m not clearly as I’m telling you all about it.

So the trailer itself. Ignoring the highlight that comes at the end (we’ll get there fear not), let’s talk about it because there were so many awesome things happening it would have been pretty easy to lose track.

  • captain_america_civil_war.0.0The voice over by Captain America helped set the tone for the trailer and the film. Despite how they try not everyone is going to make it which leads me to believe that there are going to be some serious consequences here. How could there not be?
  • I really enjoyed the recap of all the destruction to cities throughout the AvengersWinter Solider, and Age of Ultron. Super heroes have always wanted to preserve the greater good but don’t really lose much sleep about the surrounding environment. I like that this movie is making them accountable and helps make the MCU feel even more connected.
  • You guys see that look from Cap to the Scarlet Witch? Think those two got something going on on the side? Hmmmmmm (happens briefly in the comics for those interested).
  • What was that structure coming out of the middle of the ocean? Well good thing for you guys I have a theory. In the Civil War comic, Iron Man keeps the captured heroes in a prison in the Negative Zone. Since the Negative Zone has yet to be introduced to black pantherthe MCU I think they’ve replaced it with this underwater structure. There’s a shot of Tony in the middle of it and the rooms like cells to me (yes I’ve watched this trailer a few times already).
  • Does anyone else think that Black Panther is going to steal the show here? That suit looks sick and his action sequences, just the teasing of them, look awesome. This could really start the hype train for his solo movie. I’ve already pre-ordered the pop vinyl because that’s what I do.
  • I know it’s  a war but Bucky’s actions could be a problem. He has no connection or1357ba10-c926-0133-825f-0ed2e059c4cf relationship with anyone besides Cap so him trying to shoot Tony (in the face!!!!!) (love Tony’s reaction afterwards) and taking out War Machine seem to be a bit extreme. I wonder if his actions are going to be too extreme for team Cap.
  • I’m starting to wonder if Black Widow is really on Team Stark here. For those who read Civil War know that these teams weren’t without spies, could she actually be working for Cap? That confrontation with Tony seems like a little foreshadowing.
  • That Tony back hand ya’ll!!
  • Scarlet Witch giving it to Vision (and not in the sexy way) and Ant-Man on Hawkeyes arrow. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • “I could do this all day” (*goosebumps*)
  • “Underroos” which brings us to…

Much like I predicted they finally pulled the trigger and gave us a glimpse of Spider-Man in the MCU and it was freakin’ awesome. I think that’s the point where I lost it the most. Not only is he wielding Captain America’s shield (love that imagery!!!) but that mask. That mask!!! Finally we have a Spider-Man who can express facial emotions which has always been one of my favorite parts about any Spider-Man comic. Plus how appropriately cheesy is the “hey guys” line? Ugh I love it.


I don’t know about you guys but I’m starting to fell that Captain America: Civil War could be the super hero movie of all super hero movies (a title which currently belongs to the Dark Knight I believe). I know the hype train is in full swing but this movie looks like it’s going to live up to all of the hype. Why isn’t it May yet?


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