Chasing the Dream

Geeklings, I did not have the best of days today. It’s not that it was a bad day, as a matter of fact it was kind of just a day day. Nothing overly dramatic but one of those days where I really wanted to stay in bed while binge watching season three of Star Wars Rebels and reading my book, which I really need to finish by the end of the week. No, not at the same time because I’m not a magical creature that’s capable of paying attention to two different art mediums symotaniously. One of them is going to get neglected. Or both of them, and that makes me the real loser here. I don’t want to lose Geeklings, I just got finished telling you I had a blegh day.  Geez

Throughout my “blegh” day I was doing some thinking about I Am Geek, as a matter of fact I think about this little website a lot. If this was Neverland than I Am Geek would be one of my happy thoughts, I said one don’t go getting jealous other happy thoughts (yes, I’m talking to you Hudson the Cat, family & friends, adorable creature with the tiny hands I’ve been spending time with, pop vinyl collection, etc.) and I’d be flying all day long. Honestly, I feel like I’ve strayed a little from the more personal stories here at I Am Geek. Don’t get me wrong, I like to believe that every column here, and there are over 330 now (!!!), has a bit of myself in it self reflection wise, but it’s been a long time since I’ve just written about myself. I know, I know, check out the ego on this guy but I think that’s part of what you guys like reading here. The geeky stories that reflect my life and the way I live it. That’s why columns about D&D or how I haven’t finished watching Firefly (I have watched four episodes though and I think that should count for something) work so well. They’re both geeky and work on a personal level which is something that I’ve tried to build I Am Geek on.

In the vein of getting back to those type of basics I thought I would talk about something that happened this morning. In the wee hours of the morning actually. I passed out watching TV last night. My intention was to stay up and finish watching the crappy episode of Monday Night Raw (#noshame) while finishing the second volume of Jason Aaron’s Star Wars series, and then watch Better Call Saul so I could write a review for Fan Fest today. My body had other plans though. I finished with my Star Wars comic and woke up to some weird show on the USA Network and a numb arm. I decided that I needed to go to sleep so I did which was followed with an argument with Hudson the Cat, who has this thing he loves to do while I’m sleeping involving the shifting of DVDs on my shelf that drives me nuts. Don’t worry, we had a heart to heart this morning and I think things are going to be better tonight. I hope.

This is all besides the point. I went to bed without watching the show I’m supposed to review today and I hated that. It made me feel unaccomplished for the day as it was one of the things that was driving me throughout my adult jobs. Usually I wake up around 5:45 to go for a walk so I can try and stay healthy, but lately that hasn’t been going as planned as I’ve been tired and kind of lazy, but I do get in about three walks a week. About. Any way I set my alarm this morning for 5:45, woke up, sat in my chair with Hudson the Cat (told you we made things cool), and watched Better Call Saul. I can’t tell you the sense of self satisfaction that gave me which is weird when one considers I felt self satisfied from watching a television show, but it was more of what the show represented. The show represented the dream.

I’m trying real hard with I Am Geek and my work at Fan Fest to build something here, and I think I’m making some pretty awesome progress if I say so myself. As a matter of fact I’m really proud of the work I’m doing with both sites, and now with the Podcast. It’s funny, the more and more I write for both sites the more and more I realize I want this as a future. Sure, I get delusions of grandeur but I think that’s healthy as long as you root those delusions in reality. I just want to keep doing something I love doing every day. It makes me happy. It drives me. Lately, I’ve been in full chase the dream mode and waking up at the ass crack of dawn this morning just went to show just how much I’ve been enjoying this experience.

I know this sort of sounds like a brag, and maybe it is, I don’t know. I just basically wanted to talk about my love for the projects I’m working on. I wish there was more time in the day for me to spend on them, but I’ve been really proud of myself etching out the time to make sure I can work on them. Something will give sooner or later and when it does it’ll be awesome. We’re building something here Geeklings. I can feel it and thanks for being apart of that process.

Oh, for those who want to read my Better Call Saul review, you can find it here. (#shamelessselfplug)

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