Week In Geek- Defenders Defending,Metal Comes to DC, & Someone Returns to Jessica Jones

Geeklings, what is going on?! I am back after a most excellent vacation, that I’ll reporting on tomorrow, and feel rested and relaxed. I’ve been all types of busy today pumping out reviews for Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones, and it dawned on me… I love this. I put out two reviews that I’m very proud of and about subjects that I love discussing. From the minute I wake up to the minute I get in front of my keyboard I look forward to spending time with you guys either here or at Fan Fest, and I just feel like this whole writing experience is a step in the right direction. Hell, in nine more posts we’ll be celebrating 400 columns here at I Am Geek. Four hundred! Can you believe that?! I don’t know Geeklings, I’m just really happy to be able to share my thoughts with you and I’m more grateful to have you read them.

With all that mush and self-horn tooting out of the way, we’ve got a very comic book themed Week In Geek to get to. Let’s get down to business.

1. The Defenders– I’m not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for The Defenders for quite awhile. Maybe since the first season of Daredevil but definitely since the release of Luke Cage. I have yet to get through Iron Fist but holding on to the hope that Defenders will help make it better. The Defenders is the cumulation of a very ambitious Netflix project that saw the company take some second tier heroes and thrust them into the spotlight in a very big way. If season one of Daredevil didn’t take off the way it did who knows what would have become of The Defenders, but here we are just five days away from its release and I am giddy. All the trailers have made it apparent that these four will play well off of each other and a short but tight season could lead to exactly the binge we need to end the summer with. If you can’t wait until Friday then maybe you should think of turning to Comixology (or your nearest local shop) and start reading the new Defenders series. Brian Michael Bendis has created a shared pocket universe with his books (Jessica Jones and Miles Morales specifically) that is riveting and just on another level. This Defenders book is killing it and should be read.


Image result for dc metal2. DC Metal– This has been a pretty quiet summer for comic events, much to the delight of the majority of comic fans, with the only real one being Marvel’s Secret Empire. Well, that ends this Wednesday as DC looks to release Metal penned by one of my personal favorite writers Scott Snyder. You’ll know him from his terrific Batman run with Greg Capullo who just so happens to be doing the art work for Metal. That’s enough to make all comic nerds happy. As for the story, it seems that there is a Dark Multiverse that is filled with evil Batmen who all have the powers of Justice League members. That’s enough to get my dollars, but the story is more complex than that. Snyder has been setting up this event since his days in Batman and I’m looking forward to what should surely be a massive payoff.

Image result for mister miracle tom king3. Mister Miracle– If you are a frequent reader of I Am Geek then you know that I was in love with Tom King’s The Vision comic. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it’s probably in my top five comic series of all time. True story. So, it’s with great anticipation that I get ready to read King’s newest comic series, Mister Miracle. I don’t know much about the character or the New Gods but I know if it’s coming from King that it’s going to be a layered book with a terrific narrative. Tom King can weave a story that draws you in from the first panel and I’m very much looking forward to opening this book up at some point tonight. Most likely after Preacher.

Image result for kilgrave jessica jones season two4. Kilgrave Returns to Jessica Jones– Marvel Studios takes a lot of heat about their villains outside of Loki. The Netflix shows have kind of gone the opposite direction and have offered some truly terrific villains for our heroes. Whether it’s Kingpin or Elektra, the Netflix series have really shined in this department. That’s why the conclusion of Jessica Jones kind of bummed me out as it saw the demise of Kilgrave, who I thought was one of the best villains of any Marvel property. Well, it appears that he’ll be returning for season two my friends. Granted, no one knows in one capacity as I’d be willing to be a flashback, but I am really looking forward to getting see more of one of Marvel’s scariest villains back in action.

Orphan Black5. Orphan Black finale- Last week I mentioned how I have kind of neglected watching Orphan Black. I’m still in the process of catching up on the show but I would be at fault if I didn’t mention the fact that the show wrapped its five season run over the weekend. While I’m still slowly picking at the episodes I just wanted to thank the show for being as daring as it was and introducing us to the brilliance of Tatiana Maslany.

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