Week In Geek- The Return of Futurama, Metal Continues, More Rick & Morty Pops

Geeklings, I’m trying to muster up the energy for today’s Week In Geek but I feel like I’m coming up short. I’m tired and haven’t felt well all day, and no, it has very little to do with the performance of the New York Football Giants. That’s a different type of ill that I’m feeling. My body is currently in a state where it’s trying to figure out if I’m just having a stomach issue or if I’m actually sick. I honestly can’t figure out which it is because just when it feels like a stomach issue I get the sweats/chills. Just make up your mind body!

On top of that it took a bit longer to write my Rick and Morty review for Fan Fest which means it’s late and I don’t want to use my brain anymore. Yet, here I am. And I still have the season finale of Preacher to watch. Just insert a sad face emoji here because I’m just doing a lot of belly aching right now… literally.

Let’s get to this, shall we?

Futurama-e13783365126301. A New Episode of Futurama– Good news everyone! For those of us who miss Futurama, and there are quite a few, rejoice as there will be a new episode coming our way soon… sort of. Don’t look towards your television screens as this new episode will come in the form of a radio play staring the whole cast to be presented on the Nerdist podcast. I for one love the concept behind this and think it could lead to something really special. Futurama has constantly bent what is perceived as conventional and continuing with this radio play adds to that lore. Not to mention it’ll be fun as hell to spend time with these characters again.

Image result for dc metal 22. DC Metal #2– DC’s newest comic event, Metal, kicked off last month and brought with it a number of banana events including Batman riding a raptor. Seriously, that happened. Not only that but it brought back a character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Look for issue two to continue this break neck speed of awesomeness as Scott Snyder’s newest epic is still just getting started.

More RICK AND MORTY Funko POP! Figures Are Squanching Our Way3. New Rick and Morty pops- Come on, lawyer Morty in pop form. Yes please… also that Jerry is pretty rad.

4. Preacher finale- Honestly, I should be watching this right now but instead I’m here doing this write up and delaying the viewing. I’m not really excited for this finale either. If you’ve been reading my Fan Fest reviews then you know I haven’t been very high on the second season of Preacher. At this point I’m more excited for the season to end then I am for the outcome of the episode, but I’m holding out hope that something big could happen here to make me excited for season three.

There you have it Geeklings, I’m going to fold but I’m glad I visited. Hopefully I feel better for tomorrow’s post. See you then!

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