Rick and Morty Renewal Saves Day

Geeklings, today was a dumpster fire of a day. Seriously, if today had a face I’d punch it. And pretty hard too. Just to let it know I’m not tolerating any more of its nonsense. I’m kind of fried at this point. You know the day I’m talking about. It’s that kind of day when you’ve been on vacation that reminds you why you needed a vacation in the first place. That kind of day.

No joke, by twelve o’clock my brain was a puddle of goo and there seemed to be no escape. I had my lunch, which is entirely too short this week, almost finished my book and went to refill my water bottle before going back to work. It was during this adventure that I learned some news that kind of saved the day for me. That restored a little bit of that goo into a brain like shape again. At least temporarily.

Why you ask? Well, my friends, because Rick and Morty is coming back! It was a little touch and go there for a bit but Adult Swim, Dan Harmon, and Justin Roiland have finally reached an agreement for season four. In fact, they’ve reached an agreement for seventy more episodes of Rick and Morty. Seven. Ty. That’ll bring the show up to a hundred one episodes total and, what I imagine will be, ten seasons of show. That’s pretty spectacular.

In fact, it was enough good news to help save the day. Suddenly the dumpster fire was still burning but didn’t smell as bad. For those who can’t see me as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here pretty proud of that analogy.

Of course, today was the type of day that wouldn’t allow us to relish in the positive as Fox saw it upon themselves to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine, trying to harsh our Rick and Morty mellow, but I’m going to not let them have it. I’m going to focus on the good news here. I’ll fully deal with the sadness of losing the Nine tomorrow.

Tonight is all for wubba lubba dub dub… of course, I know what it means. Yes, I’m using it bittersweetly. No, I don’t want to talk anymore. I told you my brain is mush.

Rick and Morty forever, and ever, ever, and ever. Ten seasons…

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