About That Avengers 4 Trailer…

Soooooo, Friday came and went and there was no Avengers 4 trailer. Not a glimpse. Not a tease. Not even a whiff of it on social media. Friday came and went it was like no one had read our latest Week In Geek column where the rumors were at an all-time high.

Kevin Feige said that we would have an Avengers 4 trailer before the end of the year, and a lot of people thought that November would be the perfect month. If I recall correctly, our first look at Infinity War came in November so it would be very poetic in the way the two trailer releases would sync up. To help give further credence to the rumors, the Marvel Comics tie-in issue to Avengers 4 comes out the first week of December. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trailer to lead into that? From a promotional standpoint, it would make sense.

Yet, here we sit. Still with no Avengers 4 trailer and only a week left in November. The thing is, I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to get this trailer before the end of the year. I just can’t spend the last four to five weeks of the year getting my hopes up that today will be the day and then no trailer drops. I’ve got a move, holidays, and other things to stress about. I can’t have the Avengers 4 trailer just hang over my life like that… yet, I know it will.

I will spend the majority of this week waiting for that Avengers 4 trailer, and when it doesn’t drop I’ll swallow that disappointment and start all over again next week. And the week after. And the week after that. Until it drops.  Because I need it. I got to see it. I need to analyze it and write a column and go on Twitter, and and and and… you get the point. Sure, that’s a bit obsessive but it’s part of the fun of being a fan. That building of anticipation. It’s like Christmas morning.

I can’t be the only one. How about you Geeklings? Are you impatiently counting down the days until we get that trailer? When do you think it’s going to drop? Sound off in the comments. Or you can throw me a guess over at Twitter @iamgeek32. Who knows, maybe this week will be the week. Or next week…

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