Week In Geek- Locke & Key Coming Soon, Morbius Trailer Is “Okay”, & Boring Oscars

It was at 8:45 this morning when I discovered that I was over this Monday. I’m not usually like that either. Monday tends not to bother me. I’m not Garfield. Sure, waking up early, saying goodbye to the weekend, and going to work kind of bites but it’s not soul-crushing for me. By no means is this me bragging. If you guys hate Mondays, I totally understand and sympathize. The hope is that I Am Geek makes the progression into the week a tad bit better, but we’re no fools here. Sometimes Mondays just suck and today is one of those Mondays where it’s just like… no. No thank you. Give me my bed. My Switch with Ultimate Alliance 3. My PS4 so I can play more Jedi Fallen Order. My new book (Ninth House). My stack of comics. And Hudson the Cat. That would have made for a waaaaaaay better Monday. Alas, I had to work and sludge through the day. *sigh*

Honestly, nothing really happened to make this a crappy Monday either. It’s just a “blegh” kind of day and when I started mapping out this week’s Week In Geek, I couldn’t help but notice it’s kind of a “blegh” kind of week too. Not a lot going on that has me super thrilled. I confused the dates with a couple of things and I was disappointed to learn that some awesome is arriving next week opposed to this week, but here we are. We make the best with what we got. Such a ringing endorsement I know.

Maybe I’m disappointed because I didn’t know about Gwyneth Paltrow’s bizarre candle idea until after it had sold out. I mean, seventy-five dollars seems a bit steep but also kind of reasonable? I don’t know, the whole thing seems like a scam but as a pop culture junkie I kind of need it… even though I’m sure it smells more like Gwyneth’s favorite flower opposed to her own favorite flower. Feel me? 

Let’s jump into this week in the hopes that things will start to get better. It’s Monday after all and we have business to attend to. Starting with…

Locke & Key- The trailer for what is sure to be a massive Netflix hit came out last week and was featured on our Facebook page (which you really should be following. The memes are tremendous) but it was so good, and this week so slow, that I couldn’t help but include it here. Based off of the graphic novel series by Joe Hill, Locke & Key has all the makings to be this year’s Umbrella Academy. That breakout series that kind of comes out of nowhere that leaves everyone obsessed and waiting for more. I’m here for it, especially considering the ten years, two pilots, and massive re-casting it took to bring this story to our screens. What’s it about though? Well, three children move into their father’s childhood home after he’s brutally murdered. The home is located in a town named Lovecraft (hints at what you should expect) and is kind of eerie/mysterious. There are a number of locked doors with zero access (don’t worry there are keys and they play a factor) and things may not be what they seem. The mother of the children is drinking a bit too much, #grief, to see what’s really happening and that’s where the adventure really begins. I’m really excited about this one Geeklings and based off this trailer you should be too. I’m telling you, you’re all going to be obsessed with it in a month. Mark my words.

Bad Boys III- And this is where the week kind of takes a turn. Listen, I really enjoyed the first two Bad Boys movies. They’re entertaining as hell and the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence cannot be denied. Here’s the thing about Bad Boys III though… it feels about seventeen years too late. But hey, what do I know. Sometimes you got to give the people what they want and apparently they want another Bad Boys movie…? It just seems like a cash grab for all involved and like it’s going to miss the mark. I don’t get the deep sense of nostalgia for the Bad Boys franchise, it’s kind of a one-trick pony, but maybe this becomes an unexpected breakout hit. Who knows? I don’t have high hopes for it but for those of you looking forward to the completion of this trilogy, I hope you enjoy it! If nothing else, seeing Smith and Lawrence throw barbs at each other should be entertaining.

Morbius trailer- Continuing down the path of things no one really wants, I present to you Morbius. Sony is insistent on presenting us with a Spider-Man Universe without Spider-Man which has lead us to the Venom movie and its sequel and now this Morbius movie. Out of alllllll the Spider-Man villains, I don’t know why we’re starting with Morbius yet here we are. Jared Leto as the living vampire. There are new rumors suggesting that this film can access events in the MCU, because of the new Sony/Marvel Studios deal, and the trailer’s end makes it seem that this could indeed be true. Even with all that, I just don’t see it working. Morbius is third tier, at best, and only works because of Spider-Man’s involvement. As for the trailer, it doesn’t look terrible (like at all) but outside of the font choice, a surprise appearance in the closing seconds, Sony beating you over the head with other movies they’ve made involving web slingers, and a blink and you’ll miss it Spider-Man poster it doesn’t feel very Spider-Manish. I like that they’re going for the horror aspect and they’re certainly building toward the Sinister Six but, I’m still on the fence. I will say that the trailer exceeded any of my expectations so that’s a start.

Image result for the oscarsOscar Nominations- The Oscar nominations came out today… and it was more of the same boring, misogynistic, stupidly white, out of touch Academy picks that we’ve grown bored with. I was happy to see Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood get the love it deserves, 1917 with some big nominations, Taika Waititi for Screenplay, and Kittbull the animated short that tickles my heart get nominations but outside of that… meh. No love for Lupita Nyong’o’s stellar performance in Us. No women directors… again. No love for Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. And snubbing the biggest movie of the year seems kind of lame. I’m not saying Endgame has to win but how about some recognition? Not every movie nominated needs to be an art piece. Sometimes it’s okay to reflect movies the public enjoys watching and garners massive critical acclaim. Isn’t that why we opened up the field? The nominations just get a massive eye roll from me. Each passing year of Oscar nominations make me more and more excited for the Emmys.

There you have it Geeklings, everything you need to make your week a little brighter. Or at least give you some things to discuss. Luckily for yours truly, Pearl Jam made a new album and tour announcement so that’s been counterbalancing the “meh” of today. We’ll be back tomorrow with brand new content for your eyeholes. Be excited. Be here. Be ready. 

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