New Comics AND The Snyder Cut

Geeklings, it’s been months since I’ve had the opportunity to say this so please give me a minute to give this moment the grandeur it deserves. HAPPY NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! That’s right, after two looooooong months we finally have new comics to read as Wednesday starts to make sense again. Granted, this isn’t a traditional New Comic Book Day, I’m aware that not all of your local comic book shops have books to sell just yet but it’s the first step in a really great direction. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve terribly missed New Comic Book Day.

Of course, with New Comic Book Day comes the Pull List but I’m going to keep the pause button down on that column for now. I think it’s only fair to wait until the distribution of physical books reaches the majority of our local comic book shops. I’m thinking that should be around June or so, fingers crossed, and then we can start meeting here every Wednesday to discuss comics again. Just like the old times. I for one can’t wait for that day but today’s releases were enough to get the blood pumping again. I’m just so excited to have new content to read and hope that you guys are still supporting your local shops. Just because some places have new books doesn’t mean that this is over. In-store pull lists are more important now then they’ve ever been. If you’re going to have a pull list with your shop make damn sure you pick those books up. A lot of these places are depending on you. I mean, you’re buying comics why wouldn’t you want to pick them up?!

And if new comics weren’t enough excitement for you then how about this, it seems after all the rumors and pleading that the Snyder Cut of Justice League will actually be seeing the light of day on HBO’s upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. I know, I can’t believe it either. Over a year ago, I wrote a column discussing how DC didn’t need Snyder and the Snyder Cut and boy did I get attacked on the internet for it. The Cult of Snyder is a very real thing, and while more people agreed with me than opposed me, it was still jarring to get harassed the way I did. But I suppose I didn’t write that column to make friends and any publicity is good publicity.

Here’s the thing, I fully stand by everything I wrote in that original column. I don’t agree with Snyder’s interpretation of the characters and I don’t enjoy his particular vision and think the best thing for DC to do is move forward from his movies. I also understand as a new streaming service you want to bring in as many new subscribers as you can and including the Snyder Cut is certainly a way to do that. But it’s still incomplete. It looks like Warner Bros is going to throw another twenty to thirty million dollars into a film that lost them tons of money. I don’t know, it seems counterproductive to satisfy what has become a pretty toxic fan base. But what do I know.

I’m happy you got your movie but based on the track record of films, I’m not expecting it to deliver. At a possible four hours, it sounds like it’s going to be a bit much and a lot of self-servicing from a director who never really grasped his source material. But hey, I’ll watch it and once I do, I’ll be here to write about it. And I’m sure the Cult of Snyder will be more than happy to toxically explain to me why my opinions are wrong. Things to look forward to.

But those are future Kevin issues. Current Kevin has new comic books to read and more than enough time to start mentally prepping for four hours of the Snyder Cut. Most of all, I’m just happy that today felt like a normal Wednesday. We’ve still got a long way to go but today helped. What did you think Geeklings? Were you able to obtain new comics today? Are you excited about the Snyder Cut? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s celebrate the best Wednesday in two months!


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