The First Ever I Am Geek Mailbag Is Coming Soon

Geeklings, it’s hot out. The type of hot where when I leave my air-conditioned room, I am instantly filled with regret. Maybe even a little shame. The type of regret that feels like sweat. It’s like walking directly into a wet hot blanket that just wants to hug all of you. Yeah, that’s pretty gross. Oddly enough Hudson the Cat seems to love it. He’s recently discovered our yoga mats and refuses to leave them to do anything other than eat, drink, or go pots. Good news though, we now call him Yoga Kitty. It’s the little things.

But seriously, it’s hot. And because it’s hot I really don’t have the where with all to do a full column today. I kind of just want to stare off into the distance while my air condition is cranking out those cold ass vibes. Or continue watching Parks and Rec with the Mrs. Maybe I’ll combine the two.

I’m sure as you’ve gotten to this third paragraph you’re wondering what this column is about. Surely, I did not write a column to tell you that I’m not writing a column. That would be silly and something that could easily be conveyed in a Twitter or Facebook post. I assure you that I actually do have a point for these ramblings.

In fact, I was thinking of trying something new. Something that I’ve been meaning to try for a while now and what better time than the present. Geeklings, I think it’s time that we did an I Am Geek Mailbag

“What the hell is a Mailbag?”

I’m glad you asked. This is your opportunity to ask me anything, within reason, and I’ll answer it here on the site. You want to know what my favorite comics are right now? Send that question to the Mailbag. Want to know who I think is most worthy to lift Thor’s hammer? Send that question to the Mailbag. Want to know if I would randomly dress up as Spider-Man and walk the streets? Mailbag. What tv shows or movies have I not watched and am slightly embarrassed to admit? Mailbag. Seriously Geeklings, the floor is yours. Ask away and I’ll answer and hopefully, we can have a fun reoccurring column where you guys get to know me a little better and we can have some fun.

Now, I suppose the next step is to let you know how to send in your questions. The easiest ways would be through Twitter either in the comments or slide into my DMs @iamgeek32. You can also send me questions through Facebook Messenger or in the comments. If you want to get all fancy and what have you then you can email your questions to me at an email address that I created just for this event… not really, but I plan on actually utilizing it for your questions. 

Be sure to let me know if you want your name included with the question otherwise I’m name dropping. If you’re feeling really adventurous and want to submit more than one question, I’ll allow it. If there are too many questions submitted I’ll either save it for the next I Am Geek Mailbag or pick the best of the ones you send. 

Soooooo, what do you think Geeklings? You think we can do this? I have faith in your ability to ask questions. You have a week, or a little less than, as I’ll be posting the first Mailbag column next Monday (August 31st). I hope you’ll contribute and we can have a little fun to end the month. Seriously, whatever’s on your mind throw my way. 

The floor is now open. Let those questions fly. 

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