Where’s the New Content?!

Well, well, well… look who decided to come back and write some new content. I knoooow it’s been kind of a minute. I think in the last two weeks I’ve written maybe five new columns and re-used two or three because they fit the theme of the day. Looking at that on paper it doesn’t sound so bad but I also expect more from myself. I love writing here and it genuinely bums me out when I don’t. In the past, I usually would come here and beg for forgiveness and try and explain why you guys haven’t had any new content from yours truly but I’m not going to do that today. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, just turned thirty-nine over the weekend, or what but I always feel that those explanations kind of ring hollow. It’s like trying to explain to your significant other why you ate the last bit of fries when they left the room to get a drink. The fact of the matter is it just happened. 

It’s not that I didn’t want to write but I also didn’t have the energy to do so. Does that make sense? Of course, this begs the question “what have I been up to instead of spending time with you fine folks”. And I thought today would make for a nice way to get the ball rolling again and let you know everything awesome that I’ve been occupying my time with as of late. Then tomorrow is the hope for new content. Dare to dream. 

In the meantime, this has been my life as of late…

  • In the most exciting news, I’ve finally started re-watching LOST again. It’s been about seven years since my last re-watch which seems insane considering how often I would watch/re-watch LOST prior to that. There was a time where you would have been hard-pressed to find me not watching the show. I think taking time away from the show was a great decision as it’s really allowing me to appreciate the beauty of LOST. Memories come racing back with each episode I watch and I find I have missed my friends Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and the rest of the Island gang. What makes this particular re-watch even better is that I’m watching it with my Mrs. Her very first time. I’ve gotten a lot of people into LOST in my day and it’s exciting sharing one of my favorite/most important stories with my favorite/most important person. I can’t tell if she’s all in yet but she says she’s invested. I spend half the episodes looking in her direction searching for reactions. If all goes to plan we should hopefully finish season one this week. 
  • I started reading Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil run and I regret not making this apart of my monthly pull list but at some point, I have to listen to my wallet. Zdarsky is killing this book. It’s dark, edgy, brutal, the art is grimy and feels street level, and at the heart of it is a really excellent exploration into Matt Murdock. Starting volume three at some point this week. 
  • I’ve finished the first two books in the Star Wars Alphabet Squadron series. I really enjoyed the first book despite some of its flaws. I’m pretty invested in this crew and want to see how things play out. Plus getting to spend time with Hera Syndulla post Rebels has been an added delight. The second book was a bit “meh” with some really high points and some really “blah” points mixed together. It just felt uneven at best. But I’m sticking around for the final book. I’ve come this far and I want to see what happens. Hopefully, book three sticks the landing next year.
  • I’ve pre-ordered a lot of Funko pops in the last couple of weeks. I got an NYCC The Child lined up, the one where he’s holding the Mando necklace. I’ve got one from the second wave of The Mandalorian lined up, the one where he’s in the jetpack holding Little Baby Yods. I just pre-ordered new Clone Wars pops today, Ahsoka and Maul. And I finally ordered my first LOST pop, my spirit animal, Jack Shepherd. I have a problem. I’m aware of this. My family is aware of this. I have zero plans of stopping any time soon.
  • The New York Football Giants have officially ruined football season… again. Only took three weeks of the season to reach this outcome. I honestly don’t understand why they hate me so much. I’ve spent my life trying to be a good fan. Now I’m just watching this season in the hopes that my fantasy teams win. 
  • After seeing countless memes, I broke down and downloaded Among Us. I have yet to play it but I do feel like I’m apart of the “in” crowd now. Now just have to organize some games with some peeps. Anyone interested?
  • The Masked Signer has returned and I successfully guessed Busta Rhymes. It was a proud moment for yours truly. Does anyone know if there’s an actual crowd there or is that all stock footage? 
  • How freaking good has season two of The Boys been? Dear god! I hate that there are only two episodes left but man has Amazon been killing it with their release schedule. Every Friday, or Thursday around eight o’clock, the one thing I can look forward to is an episode of The Boys. Did you guys see episode six?!?! Give me all the seasons of The Boys right now please and thank you. 
  • Just so you don’t feel alone, I’m bummed too that we won’t be getting any new Marvel movies this year. I am happy that Black Widow won’t be coming to Disney+ for an additional thirty bucks so that’s a win. We’re also getting Wandavision and I really didn’t expect that. I guess it could be worse. Somehow.
  • I wasn’t the only one to celebrate a birthday as my furry life mate, Hudson the Cat turned eleven. Please celebrate him and his awesomeness accordingly. 
  • The Emmys happened and I feel indifferent to a lot of the results. Watchmen deserved all the awards it won and more. Was also sad to see BoJack Horseman not win but I can’t argue with Rick and Morty’s acid episode as it was brilliant. Yay Succession, I suppose? 
  • I missed you guys.

That about sums it up Geeklings. It’s good to be back and writing on a Monday and I hope this week has more content than the previous two. I don’t want to promise anything because then if it doesn’t happen I’ll be riddled with guilt and feel like a failure. But know this, I have vacation coming in a week and I’ll have plenty of time to write. In the meantime, peep the archives, share the columns, and let’s get ready for a kickass week! 

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