WandaVision- The MCU’s Weirdest Adventure Yet

There I was last night, sitting in my favorite chair, wrapped up in a blanket because the weather has gotten to that snug with a blanket temp that makes you resist closing the windows. We’ve got alllll the windows open in our place but that might be changing sooner rather than later as the weather continues to dip. Not that you asked for any of this information but I really want to paint a picture here. A picture of me snug with my New York Giants blanket ignoring the pain of yet another loss and watching the season two finale of Cobra Kai with my beautiful wife. Now, in this moment I am perfectly aware that The Emmys are going down and my intentions of checking on the show’s progress have been dashed by how enthralled I am by this episode. Like, I am all in on this. I’m hyped. I’m ready to throw off this blanket, attempt a spinning roundhouse kick, and challenge my wife to a match. Nothing else in the world matters but this outlandish high school brawl that is unfolding across my television screen.

Somewhere between a high school student getting slammed off a locker like a wrestler taking a chair shot in the WWE and Hawk pursuing Eugene horror movie style, I got a message from a Facebook group informing me that the Wandavision trailer had dropped. Now, I found myself at the crossroads. Insert Bone Thugs-N-Harmony here. Did I pause the episode and hop aboard the hype train to Wandavision or keep watching as a student took off her spikey bracelet to use as a weapon in the greatest high school fight of all time? I kept watching putting the trailer on hold. I needed to see how this unfolded and I don’t regret this decision at all. I also need season three of Cobra Kai like yesterday! Seriously, I am fully invested now.

Much like any great karate champion, I had to take some time between the finale and what I did next. The Emmys were waiting and the Patriots/Seahawks were playing a highly entertaining back and forth game on Sunday Night Football. After a spirited Cobra Kai conversation with my cousin and wife, we finally turned to the Wandavision trailer. And boy, let me tell you Geeklings, this was a treat!

Let’s take into account that 2020 looked to be the first year in eleven years (?) where we seemed destined not to get any Marvel Studios content. COVID has wrecked all the plans for Phase Four and I was fully expecting to call it a wash. I had even believed that the second season of The Mandalorian would be the only Disney+ series that we would get this year since most of the productions had been suspended as the pandemic ran wild. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong.

I don’t know how they did it but Disney was able to finish production on Wandavision and are confident enough in the finished product to release the series in December of this year. In fact, Wandavision somehow finished production before Falcon and The Winter Soldier and has now swapped places with release dates. Falcon is currently filming again (yay!) and will now be coming out next year. What’s most important though is that we’re getting new Marvel content as we head into 2021 and that feels like a great way to put this dumpster fire of a year behind us. 

I say this as Black Widow’s future is still unclear. November doesn’t seem likely but I’m getting a feeling that they’re going to go all Mulan on us.

That’s not our focus now though, our focus is Wandavision and that incredibly trippy but oh so excellent trailer. This certainly is something entirely different than the rest of the MCU and the Disney+ platform seems to allow for unique storytelling within this universe. And I’m all for it. I watched this trailer in awe as it just felt… refreshing? Exciting? Maybe it’s a case of having no other Marvel content this year but Wandavision seems like its own beast. Original and a daring step for the broader MCU. I totally got those Brian Michael Bendis House of M vibes but even more so, I felt Tom King’s Vision series and the tension it brought hiding underneath the surface. Wandavision while incredibly unique feels incredibly important to the MCU going forward which is not a bad way to kick off these Disney+ shows.

We know that Wanda is going to play a part in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and after watching this trailer, I can see why. My bet is that Wanda through her grief from the events in Infinity War and Endgame retreats into herself and creates a new reality where she and Vision can be together. The happy ending she wanted for the two of them. Within this, uh, vision, Wanda sees them living their lives like a sitcom family as we see the two of them in a ‘90s style sitcom complete with a laugh track and even a black and white I Love Lucy type show. I almost hope the entire season plays out like a television show within a television show. Think Inception but with fewer tops? Not everything is hunky-dory though because that wouldn’t make for an interesting viewing experience. The problem seems that Wanda hasn’t fully hashed out her plan or back story and her new reality seems to whether at the seams. That’s why you get a scene like the man at the dinner table demanding Wanda and Vision’s story or the neighbor telling Vision he’s dead. This reality is much like that Robin Thicke song (you’re welcome). What happens then? My bet is Wanda creates a new reality to escape that one and on and on we go until the multiverse has gone mad. 

Listen, Wandavision was something I was highly anticipating but seeing those Halloween episode scenes with Wanda and Vision in their comic book costumes really made me geek out. Somehow Marvel made those costumes work within the construct of this story and it felt like such a lovely easter egg. A wink and a nod to the audience and maybe gave hope that one day Wolverine can wear a comic accurate suit? Maybe? I also loved that we got a glimpse of the twins, Wiccan and Speed (!!!), and wonder if they’re just a figment of this created universe, or could they be another piece in this Young Avengers crew that is subtly forming. I hope you all caught Spectrum, or as you might know her as Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel (yes the kid!), as she was thrown through a reality breaking wall and landing in what I think must be our present time. Kathryn Hahn already looks like she’s having a blast and I can’t wait to see the role she plays with Vision especially as he learns that he’s a whole lot of dead. 

I spent last night wanting to practice my karate and looking up local dojos, not really but now I kind of want to and didn’t expect a Marvel Studios trailer even a little bit. Boy was I pleasantly surprised and now I’m here waiting for December so we can get Wandavision and all the craziness that follows. How about you Geeklings? What did you think of the Wandavision trailer? Do you have any theories? Sound off in the comments or if you’d like to break this down one on one then throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. We’ve got a couple of months before the show starts dropping so we’ve got plenty of time to start formulating ideas. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what this is all about? 

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