Back From COVID

Geeklings, I have missed you! If you haven’t noticed, and perhaps you haven’t because readership has been waaaaaay up these past two weeks, but there has not been a lot of new content from yours truly in the last fourteen days or so. I have a simple explanation for that… I got COVID. That’s right, despite taking all types of safety measures I still contracted the virus, and let me tell you, it put me on my ass. Now, I was very fortunate with how it affected my body, I suffered mostly fevers/headaches/chills/and extreme tiredness, but I was in no condition to come here and write new material for my wonderful little Geeklings. In fact, the only condition I was in was sleeping, sweating, and getting tired walking from one room to the other. Seriously, no one told me just how much you sweat with this fever. There were a couple of nights where I needed a life jacket… in bed. The first week and a half I didn’t even have the attention span to read or binge-watch anything. It was tough goings for your boy.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering if I have thoughts on the first live-action appearance of Ahsoka in the latest episode of The Mandalorian, and boy do I! I’m sure you want to know my thoughts on LBY’s actual name, Grogu cause I’ve got ‘em. I’m sure you’re even wondering how I feel about the Great British Bake Off Finale results and I’d like to tell you a thing or two about that… buuuut today isn’t the day for me to do that. I just had my first day back at work post-COVID and I’m feeling a wee bit tuckered. So those thoughts are going to have to wait a little bit. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after. I’m still recovering so I’m not entirely sure yet so please continue to have patience with the content. It’s coming, I promise. This post was to kind of get back into writing shape and it feels good to be click-clacking away.

Mostly, I just wanted to come here today and let you know that I am alive and to thank you for reading the archives. The site’s numbers have been way up these last two weeks and we’re a little over three hundred views away from reaching our 2020 goal. That might deserve some sort of video treat. Hmmm…? In fact, you guys have been reading the hell out of my Kurt Russell facial hair post and that makes me happy for a number or silly reasons. In short, Geeklings, you rock, and thank you for all the success you’ve brought I Am Geek this year.

I shall return with new content this week. I promise. Thank you again for your continued patience and all the well wishes that were sent my way. It all meant a great deal. I’m very thankful for so many people at this point that it would take a whole other column to express that gratitude. Maybe three or four columns concerning my wife.

So, until later this week my friends. We’re back and ending this year strong! Much love to you all…

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