Ten Thousand Views Celebration

I’m not a crazy New Years Resolution guy. That doesn’t mean I don’t make them but I try to keep them obtainable. I feel too often we set these unrealistic resolutions and all they do is discourage us for the rest of the year, and 2020 was discouraging enough in itself. Mainly I focus on things like my yearly reading list (which I crushed) or things I want to do/learn. Kind of like when Creed wanted to learn to do a cartwheel in The Office. Stuff that’s not going to emotionally devastate me if it’s not completed by the end of the year but also enough to make me strive for.

I Am Geek is no different. Being a website it’s difficult to set New Years Resolutions for itself. That would mean that it has become self-aware and no longer needs me to input new content. I’m pretty sure that’s how The Matrix movies started so I set the goal for the site. I’m in control. Every year it’s usually the same type of stuff; create new and exciting content, explore the podcast realm, and continue to grow in viewership. That’s always the big one. Growth. That’s what we’re striving for. Always. No one creates a pop culture website, that already lives in a sea of existing pop culture websites, with the intention of losing readers. That would be such a waste of time but also a case study worth of the Duncan Principal in Community.

[Hmmm, idea for 2021, create a website that no one will read but still continue to add content. Possible topics… brussels sprouts and why Jar Jar Binks is the heart and soul of Star Wars.]

If you follow my socials, and you should I’ve got good content there (@iamgeek32), then you know that I Am Geek has already eclipsed all of last year’s readership way back in July. In order to celebrate the victory, I dressed up in a Wookie onesie and danced to the joyous sounds of the “Ewok Celebration”.

That was only half the battle. As the year started, I was working with our good friend Eric Landro on-site growth and promotion. Eric, outside of contributing content/working/going to school, has been such an asset for I Am Geek and really made me believe in our one true goal for the year. Ten thousand viewers. A pretty high number for a little website with no sponsorships being run mostly by one person who just loves pop culture. But I was up for the challenge and by turning out some pretty solid content (#humblebrag) we’ve been steadily climbing to the ten thousand goal like the salmon of Capistrano.

Well Geeklings, I have some incredible news. As of the writing of this column (the one you’re reading), we are twenty-nine views away from ten thousand. Twenty. Nine. Views. Away. I can’t even wrap my head around it. When Eric and I were talking about hitting this goal it seemed both achievable and out of reach. Think of Indiana Jones reaching for the Holy Grail. I wanted it. It was right there. I just didn’t know if it was possible. And here we are on the cusp of I Am Geek’s greatest year. It’s wrinkling my brain.

All this begs the question though, what do we do to celebrate? If passing last year’s readership got me dancing in a Wookie onesie, what does hitting ten thousand views for the year do? An excellent question that I don’t yet have the answer to. Which is why I’m turning to you. Geeklings, we don’t hit this number without you. Your eyeholes have consumed my words all year long, even when I was laid up with COVID the site’s numbers were doing excellent, and I feel that you should be in charge of what the celebration is.

Which means, I’m turning it over to you guys. It looks like this will be the week we crack the big 10,000, maybe as soon as tomorrow. How do we celebrate? Another dance number? Do you want me to do a live video ask me anything? Do you want me to read a short story from the latest Star Wars From A Certain Point of View collection? Re-enact a scene from the MCU? Maybe some sort of watch party? I’ll take the best suggestions and we can turn it over to a vote. Let me know in the comments either here or on Twitter or on Facebook. Ten thousand views is a big deal and have me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Geeklings, I honestly can’t thank you enough for the I Am Geek success this year. I hope you keep reading well into 2021 and beyond. We’re just getting started my friends and one day we’ll fondly look back at ten thousand views and say “remember when?”. Plus we’re getting one step closer to world domination which is always a plus. Now give me those celebration suggestions so I can start planning! 

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