Ghostbusters: Afterlife- I Ain’t Afraid Of No… Mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Men?!

Sometimes you don’t know how badly you wanted something until it randomly shows up in your Twitter timeline. For example, I didn’t know how badly I needed a shark who wears board shorts until I saw King Shark in the Suicide Squad trailer. Now I can’t imagine a world without that guy. We all didn’t know how much we needed a Baby Yoda until that first episode of The Mandalorian dropped and suddenly we were all naming pets or children after the little guy. Life has a funny way of giving you random things to love when you’re just basking in the glory of James Gunn blowing up your Twitter feed… something that’s happening to me today and I wanted to take this moment to brag about it!

2020 took more than it gave. We missed out on a ton of things. No movie theaters. No new Marvel. No concerts. No social gatherings. And no mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Men.

Um, what?!

Allow me to elaborate.

See what I mean?! How adorable are these little terrors?! I didn’t know mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Men could be a thing! I mean, it would make sense once you consider the actual size of a marshmallow, but now that I’ve seen them, I need a little army of them immediately.

Look at these guys, they’re so precious! Did you see the one making a smores bed?! Like you would think, as a marshmallow, that being used for a smore would be a death sentence. All that fire and chocolate smothering… not to mention the eating factor. But apparently not. Apparently, marshmallows, when they become sentient, live for becoming a smore. Who knew?!

I’ve been cautiously excited for the Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel. Let’s be honest here, Ghostbusters sequels don’t really have the best track record; although I will fully admit that I was the demographic for Ghostbusters II. Bill Murray may have been tricked into filming that movie but I can’t hear “Higher and Higher” without thinking of the Statue of Liberty. Every time without fail. From there it was an easy transition to the cartoons and action figures. I even had myself a proton pack (never crossed streams either) and trap that I used to wear and carry everywhere. I’m a Ghostbuster for life y’all.

Anytime a beloved franchise gets a long-overdue sequel it gives my heart cave a little bit of a shake. Not a full earthquake but a tremor. Enough to let my heart know there could be actual pain on the horizon. Ghostbusters: Afterlife gave me one of those tremors. I know that the original cast is appearing in some form or another and that’s great. I would love to see the ole gang again but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes there has to be more than just nostalgia. Don’t get me wrong, The Force Awakens is basically A New Hope but it feels refreshing after how poorly received the prequels were. I don’t think any Ghostbusters sequel could ever recapture the feeling of the first film but when in doubt, give the world more Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd, the ageless wonder who just celebrated a birthday yesterday, in all his bearded glory is a huge selling point for this upcoming Ghostbusters film…

[Author’s Note- You know, I don’t think we celebrate Paul Rudd’s beard enough. Don’t get me wrong, Oscar Isaac has the beard but Paul Rudd would certainly make a list of actors with most excellent beards. Don’t worry, I see you, Chris Evans.]

Putting Rudd in front of a Baskin Robbins ice cream display is no accident either. Baskin Robbins always finds out. Always. And we just found out that Ghostbusters: Afterlife contains tiny little marshmallow people and that is quite the gift on a Wednesday.

This clip, which is under a minute long, has left me more excited for this film than the initial trailer did. Suddenly, I need more Ghostbusters: Afterlife in my life. Well, maybe I just need more min Stay Puft Marshmallow Men. I mean, they’re not going to kick King Shark off the throne but I have room enough in my heart for all things awesome.

What did you think of the clip Geeklings? Are you in love with the mini Stay Pufts? Are you even more excited for Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Or are you dead inside and this clip did nothing for you? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s talk about the mini Stay Pufts and think of other ridiculous things they could do. Like, wear Hawaiian shirts! My heart isn’t strong enough for this. 

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