Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer- Ummm, Release It Already

Enough is enough… where the hell is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer?! Like, seriously. What’s going on here?! Honestly, I’m surprised that we haven’t gotten it yet and not because the movie is only five months away. No, Sony has a reputation of doing whatever they want concerning Spider-Man despite the ramifications it could have on unreleased MCU projects. Remember when they released the spoilery Far From Home trailer a couple of months before Endgame showing us Peter Parker was feeling better? Or how about that time they took Spider-Man back like a child taking their ball home convinced they can make as much money without the Disney machine until a drunk dial from Tom Holland made everyone change their mind. Is the lack of trailer a sign that Sony and Disney are playing ball together? Has Kevin Feige finally gotten through to the Sony peeps and explained the importance of timing and not spoiling future projects before they’re released?!

With that being said, where the hell is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer?!

When Loki finished last Wednesday, I turned to my wife, my friends, the internet, that one guy in the coffee shop, that kid wearing Spider-Man sneakers, and Hudson the Cat and said, “well, they’ve got to release that trailer any day now.” Any day has passed like six days ago and still no trailer.


Just more toy leaks which one would think would expedite the release of the trailer. You know, to cover ones tracks from toy spoilers. Which is a thing that I hate. Don’t get me wrong, as an avid Funko collector, I love seeing new products but don’t show them to me at the expense of the movie. Let me at least see a trailer first.

Listen, I’m not even asking for answers of the big questions. I don’t need the trailer to show me if Toby is back or Jamie Foxx or Charlie Cox, I just want to see fallout from that final episode of Loki. I want to see what the MCU looks like now that Sylvie made her choice. *hehehehe Sylvie’s choice* I want that confirmation that this is going to be a Spider-Verse type movie and I want to start writing columns based on what I see in the minute and a half of footage that’s given to us.

I’m not asking for a lot, am I? I like to believe that I’m being moderately accommodating. No massive spoilers. Stops the toy leaks. Give me a glimpse. Lets freaking go. Yet here we are, with no trailer.

I get that Marvel/Sony want to build anticipation but with all the casting rumors anticipation for No Way Home is already quite high. Some, like myself, would even argue that after Loki, anticipation is through the roof. So to quote Big Dave Bautista…

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Please and thank you.

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