Week In Geek- Michael Myers, Midnight Mass, & the Return of Bake Off (!!)

Geeklings, I don’t know if you know this but we’ve got quite the week ahead of us and I’m not just bragging about my impending vacation or upcoming birthday, which is Sunday for those of you keeping track and if you need gift ideas, I’ve got them for you. I’m not even talking about the New York Football Giants retirement of my Super Bowl hero, Eli Manning’s jersey, an event which is quickly looking like the only bright spot of what is sure to be a dismal season… sorry, that Washington game broke me. Like shattered any of the foolish optimism I brought into this season like a silly child touching the stove after it’s been used. I am sad and not willing to talk about this because this week, this week is packed with so much awesome that I had to reach into the archives and dust off an I Am Geek classic. A column that used to be a staple around these parts, until the pandemic hit and disrupted everything like a punch to the kidneys by Mike Tyson.

Geeklings, this week calls for the return of the Week In Geek and we should all be collectively freaking out!

I mean, I had the hype levels through the roof already for this week and then they decided, out of nowhere I might add, to drop a new trailer to Halloween Kills

Listen, I may not have been the biggest fan of the last Halloween film and I know I’m in a bit of a minority on that stance, but you guys, this looks insane. Insanely violent. Insanely creepy. Insanely awesome. I’m here for all of it outside of letting two kids just chill on a swing set at night in Haddonfield. Be better parents. To up the insanity factor on this sequel, we’re planning to view Halloween Kills outdoors the night it drops on the Peacock because let’s test the fates. Let’s get afraid of every noise in the woods, which is conveniently located behind us, until we have to stop the movie and watch it inside with allllll the lights on.  

Which is something I think I’m going to need when Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass drops this Friday on Netflix. Flanagan has yet to miss with me. Haunting of Hill House was brilliant and terrifying but also moving in its story of family. Bly Manor was beautiful and heartbreaking. Doctor Sleep, Gerald’s Game, Hush, and Oculus are some of the best horror movies released in the last ten years. If you’re ready to go full October, and why wouldn’t you be at this point, then Midnight Mass is a must. Expect a number of Flanagan regulars to make their appearance here, including Rahul Kohli and wife Kate Siegel, and from what I’m hearing through these outstanding reviews is there’s a twist here that’s going to leave everyone breathless. That and you know, the horror elements.

But if psycho killers wearing bleached-out William Shatner masks and Netflix horror isn’t your thing then I’ve got good news for you, there is plenty of other items on this weeks’ menu that can bring you happiness. First and foremost, the return of the Great British Bake Off! The anticipation for the return of Bake Off in the Carey house is high. Stupidly high. If there is one show in the world that just provides comfort and joy all while restoring your faith in humanity one baked good at a time, it’s Bake Off. The time for Paul Hollywood handshakes has returned. The time of Prue’s incredible glasses collection has returned. The time of the tent has returned. Bake Off helped my little family through my bout of COVID, and while the music kind of triggers some long-lasting PTSD, I am all aflutter about getting back to this wonderfully splendid competition…. and Paul Hollywood’s baby blues.

If you want more competitions in your life, then everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure The Masked Singer is back this Wednesday as well. Say what you will about this show, but it’s mindless entertainment with crazy costumes and random celebrity sightings. Robin Thicke, post-COVID, has been a joy to behold; those Hawaiian shirts are exquisite! Ken Jeong is a delight. The random appearances of Joel McHale really help to put what you’re watching in perspective. And who doesn’t love wondering who the hell told Jenny McCarthy or Nicole Scherzinger their outfits should be worn on television. Not to mention, the whole trying to figure out who’s singing underneath that mask thing. I’m not sure how many seasons The Masked Singer has left before it jumps the shark, and maybe it already has, but I’m going to consume them all until it does. You can’t stop me! I’m not here for your judgment.

No, in fact, I’m here to remind you that Wednesday we’re also getting new Star Wars!

In what I think is a Disney+ first, all eight episodes of Star Wars: Visions will be dropping this Wednesday coming from seven of the biggest anime studios! I’m not a big anime guy, although I live and die for Berserk, but this looks breathtaking. The idea of reimagining Star Wars and opening the storytelling capabilities is not only refreshing but seems like something that should have happened already. Visions looks to be a total game-changer and I can’t wait to dive in. Watch this trailer and tell me these visuals, my god the visuals, don’t make you want to grab a wrapping paper tube and jump into combat. I don’t think Disney is prepared for how wildly popular Visions is going to be. If you thought blowing up one Death Star was a big deal just wait until the anime crowd starts making memes out of these episodes. And if you think these stories are going to end with these episodes, don’t worry, Star Wars Books has already announced, Star Wars Visions: Ronin, a book that further explores one of these episodes. Yes please! Which means that we’ll be revisiting these stories and universes in some capacity in a post-Visions world. Dare I say, a second season?

There you have it Geeklings, tons of content to dig into this week. What are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to sound off in the comments below or throw me a comment over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s prepare for Bake Off and samurai Sith together! 

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