Book Shelf: Duma Key

On average I read any where between twenty-five to thirty books a year. As I’ve stated before I love reading, hell I just love stories, and am constantly plowing through books. Reading as much as I do I go through a lot of different types of books. For example there are the books that sound interesting and are good reads, but are easily forgotten. Then … Continue reading Book Shelf: Duma Key

Could Dumbledore Have Done It Better?

Having just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone I feel compelled to write about it (it’s a good thing I have this website!), but what can I say about Harry Potter that hasn’t already been said? For real. My Goodreads review went something like this, “Four Stars-Come on, it’s Harry Potter“. With that being said though I still want to write something up because I’m all types of … Continue reading Could Dumbledore Have Done It Better?

Book Shelf: Heir to the Empire

For the most part I have stayed away from Star Wars novels. It wasn’t that I found the expanded universe interesting, as a matter of fact it was quite the opposite, it was just that I found the books to be bad. Like poorly written bad. I have this thing where I have very low tolerance for poorly written books despite how much I’m into the material. … Continue reading Book Shelf: Heir to the Empire

Book Shelf: Lisey’s Story

Welcome to a new column here at I Am Geek, Book Shelf. I figured with the best of 2015 finally wrapping it was time to start expanding the type of columns that would be appearing on the site. Things are still relatively new here, and I’m still trying to build the foundation, and Book Shelf is part of the building process. As I’ve mentioned before I read … Continue reading Book Shelf: Lisey’s Story