It’s Over…For Now

Geeklings! I have returned. I would have been here yesterday but I took a most savage nap when I intended to write and woke up kind of delirious. Well, that’s not entirely truthful. I woke up to my brother in-law calling me wanting to know if I was alright. I seriously had no idea who or where I was at that point and some how … Continue reading It’s Over…For Now

Week In Geek 5/2/16

Geeklings, I. Am. Tired. While you were all watching Game of Thrones (no spoilers as I have yet to watch it and will cut the person who chooses to spoil) I was at Madison Square Garden having my face rocked off by Pearl Jam. Three of the best hours in life my friends. I come to you going on three hours of sleep, with a raspy voice, … Continue reading Week In Geek 5/2/16