I Choose to Be A Dancer

Good news Geeklings! I’m finally starting to feel like a human being again. It has been a long four and a half days though. I really wanted to hang out with you guys yesterday and believe it or not I tried. I really did. I wrote three or four different opening paragraphs trying to work my way into the days discussion and I discovered something. … Continue reading I Choose to Be A Dancer

The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

I left you guys with quite the cliffhanger yesterday, didn’t I? I only included half of the best of Comic Con list. You must have been dying to know what the other items were. I was alright with it, since I knew what the rest of the list included, but I figured I’ve been writing this blog since December and this is my first two part post. … Continue reading The Best of Comic Con 2016 Part 2

Geek Bits

What happens when you can’t think of one thing to write about but a bunch of tiny, little, geeky thoughts are running through your head? I’ll tell you what we do. We do Geek Bits. A little bit of everything. And bullet points!!! Let’s talk proud big brother moment first. I recently ordered my sister a shirt on Shirt Punch to say, “hey your geekiness is … Continue reading Geek Bits