A Day In the Geeks Writing Life

I spend the majority of my days trying to figure out what I’m going to write about. Life is always made so much easier when I have a show to review, and my plate is about to get pretty full on that front with Orphan Black, Preacher, and Game of Thrones Just like that though one thing is already decided for me on my writing schedule. Take today for example. Today I spent the majority of my day thinking about what I would write over at Fan Fest News for my Better Call Saul review, and I have to say I think I knocked that thing out of the park. If you don’t believe me you can go right over here to see for yourself. The problem with owning this review though was that I wasn’t really sure what to write over here. Plus that review ended up being pretty long and in depth. It can take a lot out of you.

While I still feel pretty energized I’m grasping for a topic today. I have something on the back burner but I feel that it would be something better served tomorrow for New Comic Book Day which puts that in the marinating tank, and me without a solid topic to discuss. I hate that.

I’ve literally been trying to figure out what I could speak about. I know I told you guys a week or so ago that I needed new shelves for my pops because they’re all sitting in their prisons on my DVD shelf. It didn’t help this weekend with me buying Wonder Woman and Gandalf pops. For the record they’re siiiiiiiiiick! But I still have no place to put them which is super lame.


I could tell you how I went on Comixology to make sure I get Scott Snyder’s DC event, Dark Days: The Forge sent to my Fancy Comic Book Reader and also ended up subscribing to Spider-Men II which will be coming out in July. Apparently my pull list isn’t long enough. My wallet weeps.

I could tell you that during that journey to get Dark Days that I saw the cover to Spider-Man #18 (Miles Morales) and that cover is now my phone’s home screen wallpaper. Love how it’s capturing this brooding darkness living in Miles right now, and binge reading some of the Miles books helped re-enforce how much I love this character.

Miles 2

If that wasn’t enough I could tell you how Brian Michael Bendis has the first issue of his new Defenders series coming out tomorrow, just in ahead of the Netflix special, and was on Twitter complaining how he didn’t set up a book signing for it. One of the Adorable Creature’s friend’s boyfriend (get all that?) owns a local comic book shop so I pimped that, and Bendis liked it. Do I think he’ll go there and sign? No. If he does though I’m going to want all of the signed books and it’s pretty awesome getting the shops name out on Twitter and liked by a big name writer. That’s a win.


Outside of that… not sure what else I can tell you. Just a day in the life of your favorite geek. How was everyone’s day? Sound off in the comments or find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s shoot the shit

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