The Return

Geeklings, it’s been just about three weeks. Three weeks. The days have most likely felt longer. A bit colder. Perhaps at times all was lost. What does the world even mean if there is no new content on I Am Geek, but whatever it is it’s not an ideal world. I know for a fact that it’s not one I want to live in. But I’m here today for one reason and one reason only…

We’re back baaaaaaabyyyyy! 

That’s right the vacation is over and it’s time to get back on track with the site. We’re heading into the end of the year which means our Best of… list will be coming in hot. Not to mention over the last three weeks a lot has gone on that I haven’t had the ability to discuss with you. Which means either my wife had to hear me blabber about them or they’ve been collecting and building up like my Funko Pop collection currently consuming our bedroom. And if you recall the whole purpose of this site was so I didn’t have to burden those I love with all of my pop culture obsessions. Off the top of my head…

  • Disney+ launched
  • The Mandalorian is full-on legit
  • Rick and Morty returned and it was heavy, relevant, and felt like it never left
  • One Game of Thrones prequel got cancelled and another green-lit
  • It looks like The Rock might actually get to play Black Adam
  •  New Pokemon Sword and Shield was released
  • EA released a Star Wars game that’s apparently pretty awesome
  • Doctor Sleep got fantastic reviews and then flopped at the box office
  • We got our first look at a number of the MCU tv shows coming to Disney+ including What If?, Hawkeye, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier 
  • Stranger Things gave us the title of the first episode of season four
  • We got a new Witcher trailer and whoa…
  • Keanu is apparently in the new Sponge Bob movie
  • There was a Community reunion
  • His Dark Materials has arrived on HBO
  • The Last of Us 2 has been delayed

Ummm… I think that’s everything I can think of. Quite a bit of awesomeness that I didn’t get to cover here. But Geeklings, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I may not have actually been here writing but in my heart, I was sharing alllll the content with you. In actuality though, I was getting married to my now wife. I was on my honeymoon in Hawiia walking the beaches of LOST and zip-lining without dying or having a heart attack. Mostly, I was just hitting the reset button and enjoying some much needed time off.

That time off ends now though. It’s time to get back work. Bring on the comics. Bring on the tv reviews. Bring on the everything. I’m ready. And I hope you are too. I’m going to try and get at least one more column your way this weekend as I adjust to all the time zones I’ve lived or flown through in the last week and a half. So it might appear that I’ve disappeared again but trust me. I’m here. I’ll be posting memes on the Facebook page, I’ll be Tweeting more regularly again, and I’ll be coming up with new columns for your eyeholes. And while I’m doing that I’ll also be working on a top-secret project that’s probably about a month away from being announced. But shhhhhh it’s a secret for now.

And that’s everything Geeklings. Thanks for your patience in my absence and please prepare yourselves for some kickass content in the immediate future. It’s good to be back.


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