Best of 2017- I Am Geek

Geeklings, it’s the day after Christmas and I hope all of you had the best possible holiday ever. I missed you guys over our short little holiday break, only a few days honestly, and I know that there was no Week In Geek yesterday but I’ve got something a little better for you this week. That’s right, it’s the final week of the year which means here I Am Geek … Continue reading Best of 2017- I Am Geek

3. Rogue One

I’m sure some of you have been wondering how it’s possible that I haven’t discussed Rogue One yet, and I get it. When you think back to the history of I Am Geek (we’re a year old now of course we have a history) then you’ll remember that this site started in a glow of Star Wars love. I opened the site right around the time The Force Awakens was released and spent … Continue reading 3. Rogue One