Week In Geek- Guardians (!!!), Free Comic Book Day, and May 4th

Geeklings, what is going on? How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty stellar. Saturday we scored our comic con tickets (Friday and Saturday for those who are interested in meeting up) which is a tremendous sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, the experience was stressful, as is buying comic con tickets every year, taking about forty minutes but was totally worth it. We’re going two days this year, something I haven’t done in forever, and it’s going to be ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag. Now we get into prep mode! By prep mode I mean wait patiently for October, check out the list of guests, and figure out what t-shirt I’ll be wearing.

Outside of that everything else was pretty excellent. We didn’t get to record an episode of the podcast (womp womp) but I believe that’s happening Wednesday now. Jennifer if you’re reading this, Wednesday, right? Anxious to get back in and record again as it feels like forever since we did episode four (which you can listen to right here #shamelessplug). If all goes according to plan we should still have it out for your earholes on Thursday. Hopefully.

The Museum of Modern Art was such an awesome experience, we got to see the actual copy of “The Starry Night” which was both unexpected and beautiful. I know it’s been kind of saturated by the millions and millions of interweb memes or reprints, but there was definitely something special seeing it in person. The adorable creature had this wonderful smile the whole time in her geeky art element, and she taught me some things too, so the whole day was fantastic.

Now that we’ve covered last week I think we should be looking to break down this week because there are tons of things going on. Tons of totally spectacular, awesome, mind blowing, giggle with delight things. Starting with…

guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-poster-13009Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2– Finally, it’s here. I’ve been waiting for this movie for what seems like forever. At least since the first one ended, which has already been two years ago if you can believe that? I’m actually so pumped about seeing this Friday night that I don’t know what to say right now. I just want to watch it and giggle and probably choke up out over stimulation and excitement (plus I’m a sap). Then I can finally download the soundtrack and put it on constant rotation for the summer. It’s actually come to the point where I’m no longer watching trailers or tv spots, which contradicts the way I’ve lived my life for the last six months or so, as I feel that they’re starting to reveal too much. Mostly I just want to scream because I’m over joyed. I can’t handle how badly I want to see this movie. Ugh, is it Friday yet?

Image result for free comic book day2. Free Comic Book Day– Marvel has done a pretty good job of syncing their first movie of the summer up with the best Saturday in May, Free Comic Book Day. That’s right May is more than just Justin Timberlake memes it’s also the month where you can get free comics on the first Saturday of the month at your local comic book shops. I love this “holiday” as it forces fans to get to shops, which you should be doing any way because it allows you to interact with fans and store owners (said the guy who buys digitally), as well as introduces new content to possible new readers. I’ll be taking my sister this year and while I don’t think there’s any signings happening at our shop, she’s  still looking forward to the experience. As a matter of fact she bought a Flash shirt for the occasion (so proud). Out of the big two it’s Marvel who is really pushing new content with samples of the new Guardians of the Galaxy and Defenders series as well as some pretty big to dos for Secret Empire. Other books I’m looking to nab are Skottie Young’s I Hate Image and the re-issue of Rick and Morty #1. I’m actually secretly hoping that this spring boards Jen into reading just comic. Just one. It’s going to happen eventually.

Image result for may 4th be with you3. May 4th- Man, this first week of May could very well be the best week of the year /for any geek. We’ve got Guardians Vol. 2we’ve got Free Comic Book Day, and we’ve got Star Wars Day! If you ever needed an excuse to sit down in front of your vision and watch Star Wars movies then this is the day for you. Hell, call out sick and try and watch them all. I don’t think it’s possible though or if it is you’ll have no time for anything else which might not be a bad thing. I’d also keep an eye on Amazon if I were you as their May 4th sales tend to be pretty out of this world. See what I did there? Because Star Wars takes place in space? Get it? Nailed it. Any way, I’ve got tons of Star Wars books on my Wishlist that I’m hoping to see drop in price for me to snag up. Speaking of Star Wars books, don’t forget tomorrow (May 2nd) sees the release of Rebel Rising which covers the in between years of Jyn Erso. You know, I haven’t watched Rogue One since it was in theaters. I also did this with The Force Awakens, and by this I mean, waited an obscenely amount of time before I watched it again. Star Wars Day might be the perfect day to re-visit. Hmmm… May the 4th be with all of you!

Image result for savitar4. Savitar- This season of the Flash has been pretty solid, you’re not going to see me complaining about this show very often, but one of the things that has been plaguing me has been the identity of this years big bad, Savitar. I don’t mean plaguing me in a bad way but more in the I have to know right now way. There’s a difference and you know it. Well it looks like tomorrows episode will be revealing the identity of said big bad aaaaaand I won’t be watching the episode until Wednesday. Argh! I’ve got theories on who it could be though that run from some jaded future version of Barry all the way to Ronnie and around to H.R. (which would be this shows third version of the Wells character). Now I’ll just have to avoid the interwebs so I don’t get spoiled. Sure, that’ll be easy.

Image result for baby groot5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2– Yeah, it’s on here twice. I told you I’m ready for this. Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!

There you have it Geeklings. Full week of geeky splendor ahead! What’s everyone looking forward to the most? By all means sound off in the comments below and let me know what you’re thinking. We’ll be back tomorrow to discuss what was read last month. I know, you must be waiting with baited breath. See everyone tomorrow, many huzzahs!

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