Week In Geek- X-Files, Miles Morales Movie, & More Chappelle

Geeklings, Happy New Year to you all! We did it, we made it to 2018, I know it seemed like it was a little impossible at times, but here we are with an empty canvas of a year ahead of us. Let’s make it the best possible. I’ve already set up my Good Reads reading challenge (45) and picked my first two books of the year (Mr. Robot Red Wheelbarrow and Marvel’s Star Wars Screaming Citadel), I’m on the cusp of beating a video game (Uncharted, and yes, I was way late to the party), recording a podcast tomorrow, and have a general sense of ass kickery. Let’s do this 2018!

How about you guys? Through all the celebrating and fun last night, are you ready for the new year? 2018 feels like it’s filled with hope and optimism and I’m digging the vibes. I think we can use a little more of both of those items. You know what else we could use a little more of? The Week In Geek, and after a week off for our best of 2017 list (which you can find here for comics, movies, and television) it’s time to give the people what they expect. New year but the same Monday routine.

Here we go!

1. X-Files season 11- Do you guys remember when The X-Files returned for season ten with original cast members Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprising the iconic roles of Mulder and Scully? It was a nostalgic turn that ended on a massive cliffhanger but worked the best when not dealing with the deep mythology of the show. Those random monster of the week episodes were the best part of the revival and threw in some delightful easter eggs to previous seasons (like Scully being immortal) and allowed me to spend time with some of the first television characters I ever fell in love with. Season eleven will be Gillian Anderson’s last but there are still a ton of answers out there. What happened on that bridge? What’s the importance of Mulder and Scully’s son? Can the X-Files save the world? Here’s hoping that the nostalgia will continue and the show will get a sendoff that satisfies both long-term fans and the shows deep history. At the very least, we could all use a bit more alien/government conspiracy in our life. And flashlights… those X-Files flashlights are top notch.

2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer- It was announced awhile back that Miles Morales, my current favorite Spider-Man, would be getting his own animated movie. I figured it would be one of Marvel’s direct to video releases that helped showcase just how special of a character Miles is. What I did not expect is for the movie to get an actual theatrical release and to feed into the spider-verse. The animation of this thing looks stunning, that shot of Miles falling through the skyline is breathtaking, and looks to introduce Miles Morales to a larger audience which I absolutely love. I’m sure we can sneak some other awesome Spider-Men in this movie, can you say Spider-Gwen (?), but hopefully this will lead to a live-action Miles Morales movie. I would love to see him appear in the MCU at some point, he’s already been alluded to with Donald Glover’s character in Homecoming. Here’s hoping that this is the first step into making that a reality.

3. Dave Chappelle comedy specials- When the marriage of Netflix and Dave Chappelle was first announced it said that there would be three new comedy specials. Three new Dave Chappelle specials after years of nothing. The very prospect was incredibly exciting. The world had missed Dave Chappelle. Hell, I had missed Dave Chappelle. The third, and what was supposed to be final special, was set to be released yesterday on New Year’s Eve but it came with a twist. There would be two new Chappelle comedy specials. Two! Oh, happiest of happy days. Ending the year with new Dave Chappelle comedy is the gift that keeps on giving and I can’t wait to dive into these. Dave’s voice has been missed and who knows when we’ll get a chance to hear it again. Enjoy it while you can Geeklings.

4. Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading- If you’ve got fifteen minutes to kill then you might want to give this a view. You’ll giggle and feel compelled to go back and re-watch some of your favorite Stranger Things episodes. And what better way to kick off the year than a return back to Hawkins?

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