Trailer Dump- Saw, Rick and Morty, & The Bad Batch

Trailers are secretly the best gift to get randomly during the week. Think back to last week when James Gunn Tweeted on Thursday, we’d be getting a trailer for The Suicide Squad. Suddenly not only were we excited for new episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the premiere of Invincible but we had a big-budget comic book movie trailer to get excited about too. That’s the best. The anticipation levels soar as you wonder about this new story and any and all easter eggs that could be dropped. Finding things in trailers makes me feel like Indiana Jones or that DiCaprio meme. I don’t know if there’s anything out there that works the hype train better than trailers especially when said trailer is accompanied by the perfect music. I often think about the 30 Days of Night trailer and how good it made that movie look even though the film was a stinker. The Social Network is one of my alllll time favorite trailers. That all-woman choir singing “Creep”? Put it in my veins. Trailers get the blood pumping. They make you want to dive into the source material before the release. They make you want to freeze-frame that one particular shot that made you lose your face.

Trailers are the best. I love trailers.

So, if getting one trailer randomly during the week is a gift then what is getting three trailers, randomly, in a day mean? Three trailers dropping in close proximity to each other in fact. Three trailers stuffed with kickass content in the midst of a stressful work morning. If this isn’t the definition of a gift then I don’t know what is. This is like trailer Christmas!

Trailers are the best. I love trailers.

Trailers also help with providing new content to the site. Discussing a new trailer is one of my favorite things. Pointing out the moments that stood out or possible foreshadowing. Having others tell you about what they saw and then celebrating the awesome together. Making theories based on two minutes of content. Suddenly we’re that Always Sunny meme dissecting every frame of the trailer. This is what I Am Geek lives for which is why today we’re going to breakdown all three trailers that dropped this morning. Three trailers are better than one!  

Trailers are the best. I love trailers.

Saw: Spiral

I totally forgot that there was a first trailer for this Saw spinoff. I vaguely remember it being something with not a lot of information while still letting us know that it’s tied into the Saw universe but other than that… nothing. I have zero memory. Sure, I could have Googled it and refreshed the ole memory bank but I didn’t even do that. All I remembered was Saw and Chris Rock.

Today’s trailer helped to give a bigger picture of what to expect with the next film in the Saw franchise. This will not be a prequel, a popular theory on the interwebs, and will in fact take place some undisclosed time after the final Saw film. What was that, eight? Nine? I don’t even know. I tapped out after fourish. There’s only so much torture porn one can take. But this, this “spinoff” looks to be kind of refreshing. A weird thing to say about a movie that usually attaches some kind of exploding contraption to a character’s head or makes them dig through a bunch of used needles.

Jigsaw may be dead but it looks like someone else is picking up the mantle to harass Chris Rock and his father, played by Samuel L. Jackson. I don’t know, if there was one person in the universe that I wouldn’t want to mess with or put in some twisted torture device it would be Samuel L. Jackson. That’s doesn’t strike me as a good idea. Didn’t you guys see Pulp Fiction?! This is why my initial reaction is that he’s involved with this new Jigsaw plan. Oh, hot take alert!

All and all, I was mostly impressed with what I saw here. The trailer gave me hope that maybe we’ll be getting more psychological terror as opposed to the torture porn but then that Pig Man kept popping up so I doubt that. For someone who dipped out of the Saw franchise halfway through, this trailer certainly did enough to get my interest up. You have my attention. Maybe I do want to play a game.

Rick and Morty Season Five

It certainly feels like a lifetime since the last season of Rick and Morty. For me, the fourth season wasn’t an absolute favorite of mine. There were certainly highs like “The Vat of Acid Episode”, “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” and “Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri”. Those were instant classic episodes and seeing Moe’s Tavern in the background was a nice touch too, but a lot of the season felt kind of like a middle finger to expectations. “You want us to do more with Evil Morty then take this, “Never Ricking Morty”. Then there was that whole dragon episode which the less we speak about the better. That reeked of a writer’s room finding something a little funny and then beating us over the head with it to the point where we just want it to end. Dragon sex stuff isn’t the ticket. Although I’m secretly hoping that Matthew Broderick returns as the talking cat.

It’s impossible to say that season five looks to be a return to form because how do you peg Rick and Morty, what the hell is a return to form with a show that turned its main character into a pickle?! What I will say is that this trailer had me nostalgic for the show. I’ve missed Rick and Morty, could certainly have used them during the pandemic, and am super excited to get back in touch with the Rickest Rick and Mortiest Morty.

Do I hope for more on Evil Morty? Of course. Do I hope for more Birdperson? You know I do. Do I hope that the show taps further into the mythology than the random solo adventures? Also, yes but also no. But what I learned from season four is Rick and Morty don’t care about our expectations. Maybe we should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Hopefully, we can enjoy it peacefully like a single toilet overlooking the most beautiful landscape in all the universe.

The Bad Batch

There has been a surprising lack of Star Wars content since The Mandalorian wrapped its magnificent second season. A lot of us still need to catch our breath after Luke Skywalker showed up to take Grogu to Jedi School. And as we grab our inhalers or whatever helps us breathe easier, we haven’t had a lot of new content to fall back on. Yes, we had the Disney Share Holder’s Meeting that mapped out the next few years of Star Wars awesome but that was more a tease than anything. “Look at all that will be yours… just not right now. You got to wait”.  Wait we have. To kill the time I’ve already read three Star Wars books this year, that High Republic stuff is a blast, but I want Star Wars that I can watch too. I want all the Star Wars on all the mediums. I don’t think I’m asking for a lot here. I’m a reasonable guy.

The drought looks to end on May 4th, Star Wars Day of all days, almost as if they planned this. This May 4th The Bad Batch will finally grace our television screens with a, get this, seventy-minute first episode. Geeklings, that’s like a movie to kick off the series. We’re getting a Bad Batch movie on May 4th. How freakin’ awesome is that?! Maybe this will rival last year’s Star Wars Day. Maybe.

We first met Clone Force 99 during the first few episodes of the final Clone Wars season and now we’re getting a whole series dedicated to them in a post-Clone Wars universe. A timeline that lends itself for some deep exploring. This trailer is packed with a lot to digest. We get some guest appearances from Rex, Tarkin, and Fennec who at this point are all classic Star Wars characters in their own regard. We get a glimpse of the hows and whys of the creation of the Bad Batch. Every member gets a moment to shine and I can’t wait for further expansion of their characters. The Clone Wars are over and our heroes are on the run which is always a fantastic recipe for storytelling. We know from our Star Wars lore that the Empire did away with the clones after Order 66 so they’ll definitely want this group of super clones taken off the board as soon as possible. The music soars as Star Wars music does and it gets the blood pumping. The visuals are stunning as the animation is top-level. Everything about this seems excellent and reminds me how much I love the Star Wars animated universe.

I’m going to keep a bucket by me for each viewing just in case Ahsoka ends up showing up. That’ll sure to be a face melter and with Rex already making his presence known in the trailer, I feel Ahsoka might not be too far behind.

Trailers are the best. I love trailers.

There you have it Geeklings, all three trailers that dropped today. Which was your favorite? What are you looking forward to the most? What easter eggs were you able to find? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Let’s break these suckers down and get stupid amounts of excited for these releases. The count downs being now!

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