Loki- New Trailer & A Possible Bonkers WandaVision Theory

Monday’s the day of the week that needs the most assistance not to be a bag of suck. Tuesday is great because of tacos and because it’s not Monday. Wednesday gives us comic books and is the halfway mark of the week. Thursday is for getting thirsty, or was when I was in college, and also good for tacos. Friday is the end of the week and new episodes of Falcon and the Winter Solider and Invincible. Then of course the weekend needs no assistance because #everybodysworkingfortheweekend. Monday though… ugh. Monday is the equivalent of a fart noise. Monday can seriously use all the help it can get in order to be a day of the week that you don’t want to punch in the calendar. I assume you punch days in the calendar due to the lack of face and all.

Good thing Marvel Studios decided this Monday could use a new trailer for the upcoming Loki series, dropping June 11th for those who want to know important facts, to make this Monday all the better. Marvel had a pretty busy weekend after releasing what should be the final trailer for Black Widow on Saturday. A strange day for a trailer release, considering most of us are in the throws of living our best non-work lives or getting Super Soldier serums (also known as vaccine shots), but I wasn’t going to complain as I am beyond ready to finally get a chance to watch Black Widow. The last thing I expected today was a trailer for Loki, actually, the last thing I expected today was stalks of corn that could talk, so this certainly was a pleasant surprise.

There is a ton to unpack here like is Kang the Conqueror one of the statues we keep seeing? How about the Skrull just chillin in the background like it’s not a big deal a shapeshifting character with an impending invasion is just hanging around. For those of you who have been waiting for Bucky to get his cat in Falcon and the Winter Soldier hopefully that handsome office kitten will hold you over. That’s if he’s even a cat and not a flerken. Then there’s this tiny nugget…

I believe we discussed this a bit when the first full Loki trailer came out during the Disney Share Holder’s Meeting, but… that’s Nat, right?! I’ve seen the Lady Loki theories out there, and I don’t hate them even though Lady Loki should be a Loki possessed Sif, but come on! That’s the Black Widow having a conversation with Loki on Vormir. Is this before she jumps? Is this her trapped in the Soul Stone?! Is this Loki telling her she has to jump? Or is Loki messing with the timeline a bit…

Now, that’s a question I would like to explore a little bit further. We know that Loki picking up the Tesseract in Endgame not only allowed us more Tom Hiddlestone in the MCU, such a tremendous gift in itself, but it also did exactly what the Ancient One warned Bruce Banner against. It created a splintered reality which is never a good thing. Ever. Not once. Ever. Fun? For us the viewer, sure, but for those characters living in the moment? Nope, that’s the equivalent of a week of Mondays. Unless your Captain America and you got your dance/life with Peggy. That’s the only okay version of splintered timelines.

What do we know about Loki? Well, I’m sure some of you are saying a character who started off as a villain and ultimately came around to being in more of a grey area and sacrificed himself to save his brother. Nothing like a redemption arc to warm the chambers of my heart, but here’s the thing about that redemption arc, it doesn’t apply to this Loki. This Loki is the Loki of the first Avengers. Yeah, he knows he messed up, hopes Tony Stark will give him a promised drink and is really not looking forward to going back home, but he hasn’t made that full transformation yet. He’s actually on the cusp of some prison time and then secretly taking over Asgard and putting Odin in a retirement home. The Loki in Loki hasn’t learned anything yet, or at least fully, which means he’s still the God of Mischief we can’t help but love so dearly. That’s a game-changer especially since the last few times we’ve seen Loki we’ve been rooting for that redemption.

Moving forward, what else do we know about this Loki? He’s completely self-serving and is constantly plotting and scheming to get what he wants whether that’s the throne of Asgard or scaring Thor as a snake. Seeing his interactions with Owen Wilson (playing Mobius M. Mobius) it seems that the TVA is very aware of who Loki is and are keeping him on a short leash. No weapons being a solid choice. The TVA needs Loki to restore the timeline he screwed up and Loki needs… not to be on their leash which means he’ll do anything he can to get free. Including further disrupting the timeline.

I can see a show where Loki is playing ball with the TVA and fixing these mistakes but also making further fractures on the DL. If he restores the timeline fully it means he’s going to die at the hands of Thanos. He’ll die a hero but he’ll be dead nonetheless. Loki, especially the Loki of The Avengers, doesn’t want to be dead. Wouldn’t it fit his interest to keep the timeline fractured? Further fractures mean further jobs which mean Loki gets to stay alive. Yay for Loki! Now how would Loki go about doing that? Maybe he travels to Vormir and tells Widow not to jump. Boom, fracture. There’s a shot in the trailer that looked like the Asgard throne room, maybe he does something to usurp Odin’s reign? Boom, fracture. Maybe, just maybe, he fractures the whole freakin’ multiverse.

Which is an interesting idea. I don’t think Loki is powerful enough to throw the multiverse into chaos on his own. He’ll give it the ole college try but I think he’s going to need an assist. An assist from a character who just heard the voices of her kind of dead but mostly disappeared children.

Enter Wanda Maximoff or now better known as the Scarlet Witch.

What if those voices that we heard at the end of WandaVision weren’t the twins at all. What if they were Loki, who looks to have access to the timeline with TVA, knowing about Wanda’s loss and using it against her to tear open the multiverse. There’s no way that Wanda, despite not fully understanding her powers yet, will leave any stone unturned looking for Billy and Tommy. Hearing those voices gave her the one thing Hawkeye tried to avoid the first hour into Endgame… hope. Wanda could be the push that Loki needs to fulfill his plan. Which is what exactly?

My money would be on Loki believing that if he could fracture the multiverse enough then he could use the ensuing chaos, that will probably occupy a great deal of Doctor Strange’s time, and jump into a reality without being noticed. This would get him off the TVA “payroll” and would prevent the whole death by Thanos thing. Loki would be able to live a second life as mischievous as he wants. And it allows him to still be a part of the MCU going forward which is what we all truly want anyway. The more Loki the better. While Loki is escaping, Doctor Strange will have to confront Wanda’s actions and repair the multiverse in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and Loki gets to Loki.

What do you think Geeklings, are Loki and Wanda about to break the multiverse? What did you think of the newest Loki trailer? What are your current working theories? Be sure to sound off in the comments or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. You got theories? I want to discuss them! Loki looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast! As much as I’ve been enjoying Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s just something about diving back into the weirdness of the MCU that WandaVision introduced us to that really tickles my soul. June can’t come fast enough! 

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